(Video) Immortal Technique Talks Illuminati, Gun Control, Immigration, And More!

Immortal Technique aka Felipe Coronel is not only a talented rapper but also an intelligent person. He sat down with Alex Jones of Info Wars and discussed really important subjects that are being overlooked. These topics were the Illuminati, the New World Order, Gun Control, Immigration, and more. This video is extensive but filled with food for thought. Definitely check it out to see his perspective!

(Photos) Kat Stacks Is Home!

She’s baaack! The infamous Kat Stacks has been released from immigration jail, after serving more than 2 years behind bars from a 2010 run-in with promoters. According to the former industry vixen, she’s turned over a new leaf and found God while in prison, and will be a totally new person now…and that includes celibacy! However, she’s still being managed by Q from Worldstar so we can expect to see plenty of videos of Kat (now going by her real name Andrea), and a book should be on the way soon too. Oh boy. Check out her newest photo and a couple tweets in the gallery. Do you think she’s going to stick with this good persona? Marisa Mendez

Romney Addresses Undocumented Immigrants

It’s been quite a week for Mitt Romney and his Presidential campaign. With video released of comments he made at private parties like the “47 percent” comment, he has to increase his approval rating which has dropped. He address undocumented immigrants at his latest “Meet the Candidate” on the University of Miami campus. Click below to read more. Jason J.

Arizona Immigration: “Show Me Your Papers”

A judge ruled Tuesday that police can immediately start enforcing the “show me your papers” provision. This provision has been a two-year legal battle as many are saying this will violate people’s privacy. Imagine walking down the street in Arizona, you are an American citizen, but because you are of Hispanic decent, a police officer can pull you over and ask for proof of citizenship. Pretty sure that’s called profiling, which has led to many tragic moments in our country. Click below to read more. Jason J.

ICE Chief Of Staff Is Accused Of Lewd Behavior And Resigns!

The Chief of Staff of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Suzanne Barr, has resigned from her position.  She has been accused of lewd conduct and decided to quit because she didn’t want the scandal to get in the way of what ICE is trying to accomplish. Hit the jump. Steph B

Mother’s Death Cancels Her Children’s Visa Applications

A mother’s death invalidates the green card applications that belong to her children living abroad. Click below for more information. Melissa Nash

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