(Photos) Damn, Cops Impounded Blac Chyna’s Car For What!?

This past weekend, Blac Chyna made an announcement on Instagram, apologizing to fans for the delay in the opening of her Lashed Bar business because she was putting all of her own money into it. This led to fans ripping her for being “broke” and saying that Tyga doesn’t handle his business, to which Chyna replied with a series of posts telling followers that she’s been “humble” but that she could stunt if she wants to. Those posts have since been deleted, but it looks like there’s yet another reason for people to poke fun now. Yesterday afternoon in Malibu, Chy got their Rolls Royce Phantom impounded…but at least it’s not for money reasons! Police report that the car was pulled over after cops got complaints it was being driven erratically, and when they ran the plates, found she was driving without a license and quickly took it away. She might want to go get that fixed, huh?

WHOA! Soulja Boy’s Bentley Impounded By Police After Secret Network Of Cameras Find Him Guilty Of Hit & Run

Whoa, this ought to make you paranoid people even more shook! Apparently there’s a secret network of cameras all around L.A./Hollywood, constantly watching every car. One vehicle can be photographed up to 1000 times PER DAY. Thanks to said network, Soulja Boy’s red Bentley was recently impounded by the LAPD, after a review of footage from January 9th caught the rapper involved in a hit and run. A motorcyclist had T-boned the Bentley in Hollywood, and he ended up “seriously injured,” but the Bentley fled…likely because it was his fault, due to a reckless turn. A witness, who happened to be a friend of the injured motorcyclist, began asking around about the owner of the Bentley, and found out it belonged to none other than Soulja Boy. He alerted authorities, the cops got a search warrant and a judge agreed there was probable cause to believe the Bentley was involved in the accident, so they went and impounded the car. We’ll keep you updated on what happens!

Auto: Police Impound A Fleet Of New 2014 Mercedes E63 AMG’s

Some auto writers found themselves on the wrong side of the law for no real reason, other than some hating police. The writers were in Spain, test driving a fleet of the new Mercedes E63 AMG. They were pulled over for no reason to begin with. They were not speeding and did not disobey any traffic laws. Once they were pulled over they were harassed and detained because they could not provide an international driver’s license. Only problem with that is an IDL, is not a required form of identification, and all it does it show you have a valid U.S. driver’s license, which they were able to provide anyway. After a few hours of being held, all the writer’s were released, however missing one main thing. The Cars! The cars were impounded and held with no explanation. Each car is worth well over $100,000 and there was at least 6, if not more. Mercedes is aware of what happened and is speaking with the police to get the cars released. Grimey.

Steve Jobs’ $137.5 MILLION Yacht Gets Impounded Because Of Pay Dispute!!

Steve Jobs bought a $137.5 MILLION yacht during final years of his life and it has just been reported that it has been impounded in Amsterdam after a payment dispute involving the designer of the yacht, Philippe Starck.The Venus, which was 260-feet-long, and made its unofficial debut in late October. It’s currently stuck in the Port of Amsterdam after Starck hired a debt-collection agency to attempt to remit the final payment for his design. Read more below. RUSS B

Police grab $2 million worth of cars after Canadian street race!!

The Fast and the Furious, Canada edition! Police in British Columbia say they impounded $2 million worth of high-end vehicles this week after witnesses reported the 13 cars racing on a metro Vancouver highway at speeds of 125 mph. And apparently a lot of the drivers were under 21!! SMH wait til you the list of cars they were driving!! Hit the jump for more details and the list of the cars impounded!! @ItsLukieBaby

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