(Video+Photos) Well Known Bounty Hunter Charged With Murdering Two Teens On Christmas Eve

An Indianapolis bail bondsman has been arrested and charged with the murders of two teens in what is believed to be a revenge killing. Satori Williams and Timmee Jackson were last seen by relatives on Christmas Eve as they headed over to another friend’s house. After searching aimlessly for her son, Amber Partlow decided to stop by Watkins’ home where she discovered blood and brain matter on the lawn and in the bushes of his property. Partlow reported her observations to authorities who later uncovered traces of blood in Watkins’ home, vehicle, and in his bail bonds business. The 49-year-old blamed the two young men for breaking into his home recently and on Christmas Eve, police and neighbors believe he retaliated against the pair. The bodies of the teens have not yet been found, but they are presumed to be dead. Learn more after the jump!

(NFL) Indianapolis Colts Owner Buys Ringo Starr’s Drum Kit For How Much Now?!

The Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr has sold one of his infamously famous drum kit’s – known for being used to bring some of the world’s top music hits into existence. It sold at an auction for a nice chunk of change to the NFL’S Indianapolis Colts owner and was auctioned for more than JFK’s license plates by a long shot. Hit the jump for the full story.

(Photos) Estate Built By Pimp Up For Sale!

An Indianapolis notorious Pimp turned construction enthusiast will surprise you with his 26,000 square foot estate, hit the jump to view the amazing photos of the structure!

Tragic: 3 Die In Indianapolis Car Crash?!??!

An Indianapolis bus, filled with teenagers and church goers, experienced a major car accident. The accident resulted in the death of three. Read more after jump

(Video) This Ain’t What You Want! T.I. Pops Off On A Fan For WHAT!

With Yo Gotti blasting through the speakers in the background, T.I. clearly is arguing with a party-goer. T.I. visits Suite 38 in Indianapolis, and apparently, things got a little heated because the fan wanted to come on stage! Clifford Harris got in Dee-Bo mode and did what security should have. Looks like T.I. misses prison a bit, because like most of his music peers, he’s always in the middle of some mess. Come on Tip…you’re a thug, we get it. Drop down bottom and view the altercation.

Skull Found In River Could Be Missing College Girl

So tragic. The family of a 20-year-old missing college student, Lauren Spierer, is wondering if a skull that was found in a river belongs to their daughter. Click below for the story. Melissa Nash

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