(Photos) Enough Is Enough… Kylie Jenner’s Lips Are Starting To Look DISTURBING

Poor Kylie Jenner is only a teenager and is already living the life of a grown adult with real life problems. After the news broke this week of her Boo Tyga sending dirty texts and d*ck pics back and forth with a popular Transexual actress, Mia Isabella, Kylie seemed less than amused. Her MOMager, Kris Jenner, took her baby girl out for some mommy/daughter QT to help her forget her man is texting a chick with a penis. Kris snapped a picture of Kylie and her self with a caption that reads:

Date Night with my angel girl @kyliejenner !!! #blessed #grateful #loveofmylife

The internet had a field day with this picture in the comment section because Kylie’s lips are looking HIDEOUS. We’re not sure how many injections she’s getting.. per hour or whatever… but.. no. Check out what the fuss is about in the gallery!

(Photo) First Kim And Now Khloe?! Guess What This Kardashian Is Now Being Accused Off!

The Kardashian sisters are no strangers to false rumours and having accusations on thrown them at. This one rumour is so old that it first started with Kim and now has been reborn and bestowed onto the youngest Kardashian Doll, Khloe. Find out what it is after the jump!

Queens Woman Found Dead After Receiving Fatal Booty Shots In NYC Hotel

This is yet another example of how unnecessary body enhancement procedures can result in tragedy. Yet another woman was found dead after receiving booty injections. 28-year-old Tamira Mobley has been charged with manslaughter after injecting 22-year-old Tamara Blaine of Queens with illegal butt shots in a Manhattan hotel room. An employee from the hotel notified the police after noticing Blaine having convulsions. Once the cops arrived to the scene, Mobley vanished. Investigators found two large punctured holes in Blaine’s backside with traces of silicone. According to reports, she passed away in a bed at the Liberty Inn hotel which is located right off the West Side Highway in NYC.

(Photos) Tiny’s BFF Hair-Stylist Shekinah Got Some Booty Shots & She’s Looking WAY Different Now!

Remember Tiny’s loud-mouth hair-stylist BFF Shekinah? Well, she hit up Dr. Curves for some booty shots and looks like a whole different person. Tiny posted a flick of her girl’s new body transition, showing off her new bod. Now granted, I do NOT condone plastic surgery but ol’ girl looks poppin’ to the tenth degree. Check out the flicks over in the gallery and let us know what you think!

Pebbelz Da Model Charged With Manslaughter & Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison For Fatal Booty Shot Case

Super thick urban model, Pebbelz Da Model, has been charged with manslaughter and sentenced to 7 years in federal prison after setting up an illegal butt shot procedure which resulted in death for 37-year-old Karima Gordon. According to reports, Natasha Stewart (Pebblez’ real name) “took $200 to refer Gordon to the injector and falsely claimed the person was a nurse.” However, Gordon’s family wrote a letter to the court asking the judge to go easy on Stewart. Pebbelz offered a heart-felt apology during her court appearance. “My heart and deepest condolences go out to Karima Gordon and her family and friends. I’m so deeply sorry. All I ever wanted to do was help Karima,” she said.

(Photos) Teen Porn Mom Swelled, Plump Lips …Cause By What?!

After recently having her chin implants removed, Farrah Abraham, is now focusing on her lips and confirmed her swelling lips was caused by getting collagen injections. The Teen Mom turned porn star told Life & Style that she is ‘trying out’ the trout pout jabs because they are ‘fun’. Farrah Abraham has sparked rumors of cosmetic surgery after revealing her puffy lips in a selfie snap. Now that it’s true, see the results in the gallery below!

(Check The Pics *NSFW*) Addicted To Butt Injections!

Vanity used to be very slim and is very short, but after an addiction to butt injections she got more than just curvy.  The petite ex-dancer kept getting injections until her butt reached a crazy 45 inch measurement! Hit the jump to see her before and after pictures. Steph Bassanini

(Photo) Hmm…Blac Chyna Shows Off Her Young Cakes #SoIKnowItsReal … Do You Believe Her?

We all know former stripper/Tyga’s boo thang Blacc Chyna is HOLDIN’ back there, but do we know it’s real? You never know these days with these girls, but she sent in a pic of herself at the age of 14 showing the same big cakes, just to prove herself. Perhaps she IS telling the truth! Take a look at the pic below and let us know…who’s real? Who’s not! Marisa Mendez

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