(Photos) Aw, How Dope! Check Out How MGK’s Fans Are Supporting Him With His Broken Foot!

MGK's injury

Earlier this month, Machine Gun Kelly had a bit of a mishap while playing basketball, and ended up breaking his foot and fracturing his ankle! With a commitment to his fans after already having a ton of shows booked, MGK decided to forgo surgery…and with crutches, a wheelchair and his best friends and crew to help, made his way out to give the fans the show(s) they were looking forward to. Of course, they appreciate it, and have been showing their support for their favorite artist in the cutest ways! Check out what they’ve been doing at the shows in the gallery!

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(Photos) Shows, Video Shoots, Recording: Check Out How MGK Is Making It Through Despite His Broken Foot

MGK's injury

On April Fool’s Day, the joke was on Machine Gun Kelly – and the Cleveland rapper found himself in the hospital with a broken foot and a fractured ankle. Ouch! Not that it’s ever really a “good time” to be totally inconvenienced with a major injury, but during a month where he has multiple tour dates (check them out and buy tix here!), studio sessions for his sophomore album, video shoots and his BIRTHDAY, it makes it that much more of a nuisance. Kels isn’t letting his crutches or his wheelchair stop him, though, and has made sure to handle every priority…except getting surgery yet.

“Broke the 5th metatarsal in my foot as well as fractured another bone in my ankle a couple days ago,” Kels told his EST fans. “Doc said no shows for a month but I know a lot of my shows are THIS month. I haven’t gotten surgery yet and I avoided getting the plaster cast so I could fly with it when it swells up from the altitude pressure, but long story short, I’m here and ready to perform. I just ask that you as fans be patient with me this next month or two while I wobble around with this bullsh*t on stage! Lace up.”

Now THAT’S dedication. As the saying goes, “One monkey don’t stop no show!” Check out pics in the gallery to see how MGK is handling everything with his injury. Get well soon!

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(Photos) Oh No! Guess Which Rapper Broke Their Foot & Fractured Their Ankle!

MGK's injury

Machine Gun Kelly was a wild boy for real yesterday, and ended up in the hospital with a broken foot and a fractured ankle. No details on what it is that he was doing just yet, but whatever it was – it clearly didn’t go well! Heading back home after his visit to the ER (alongside his manager, Ashleigh), Kels didn’t let the injury stop him as he got right back to the music and shared a photo with fans as he appeared to be writing a new song in his dining room. I’m sure the emotions from this will create some interesting tunes – as something like a broken foot is really going to get in the way of the insane performances he’s known to put on. Hopefully this doesn’t keep him off his feet for too long! Get well soon, Kels! More pics in the gallery.

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NBA: Dwight Howard Out 10 Days & Danny Granger Out 3 Games, Both to Miss Clippers vs. Rockets

NBA: Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz

We’re coming down to the last stretch of the season as teams are either fighting for a playoff spot or tanking for a lottery pick.  As the playoff teams prepare for the postseason they’re also very cautious of their star players particularly surrounding injuries.

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(Video) MLB: Gruesome! Pitcher Aroldis Chapman Needs Metal Place Inserted In Face After This Scary Incident


A very scary thing occurred during a spring training baseball game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Kansas City Royals. Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman, who throws right around 100mph on average, was struck directly in the face by a line drive off the bat of a Royals player. The reason I mention how fast he throws is because that velocity, combined with the swing of the bat literally turned the baseball into a mini rocket as it hit his face. He laid on the ground in agony and at one point completely lost consciousness according to teammates. Thankfully he will undergo surgery to insert a place in his face under his eye, but other than that it does not appear any long term injuries will occur from the freak play. He should be on the field again in about two months.

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NBA: Aww Man! Lamar Odom Returns To US From Spain — Find Out Why!


Damnnnnn! It looks like it’s a wrap for Lamar Odom balling in Spain & many fans think it could be over for his career.  He returned back to the U.S. from Spain today.  Hit the jump for details…

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NBA: Big Step! Update on Derrick Rose Injury


We haven’t heard much about Derrick Rose lately as he recovers from his knee injury, but now we have an update — and this will make Bulls fans happy!  Check it out…

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(Photos + Video) Ouch! Chrissy Teigen Gets A Fat Lip From What?!

Chrissy Teigen & her dog Puddy

Ouch! Tip for the week: don’t surprise your pet bulldog with a hug! Model Chrissy Teigen found this out the hard way, after she went to embrace her beloved pooch Puddy over the weekend, and ended up with a bloody fat lip!

“Not a bite. Just a dog headbutt,” Chrissy made sure to clear up after she’d posted some pics and video of her injury. “He feels terrible and will not leave my side.” Aww! Check out the damage in the gallery.

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NBA: Steve Nash Eyeing February Return to the Lakers


The Los Angeles Lakers have been hit hard by the injury bug especially in the guard department.  Steve Blake, Jordan Farmar, Kobe Bryant, Xavier Henry and Steve Nash have all gone down.  Nash most notably has missed the most time and things have looked bleek with reports of a possible medical retirement.  Nash however is eyeing a return as soon as next month but notes that it won’t be easy.

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NFL: Tony Romo Had Back Surgery This Morning, Officially Done For The Season!


This is just in. Tony Romo underwent surgery on his back this morning and he is now listed officially as out for the season. This doesn’t surprise many of us, but the Cowboys were holding onto a slim hope that Romo could keep getting treatment everyday this week and try to play this Sunday in a win or go home game against the Eagles. Obviously treatment was not good enough so they elected to have the surgery now so he can be ready in full health for next season. Kyle Orton is now slated to start, with Jon Kitna backing him up. Kitna was just signed this week because he is familiar with the game plan the Cowboys will implement. The Eagles are playing great right now and this looks like it spells doom for the the playoff chances of Dallas.

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