(Photos) Yandy Smith & Mendeecees Announce Their Own Spinoff Show!

Yandy x Mendeecees

It looks like Yandy and Mendeecees will be taking their positivity from Love & Hip-Hop and moving on to their own show on VH1. (I’m hoping this doesn’t mean total ratchetness from L&HH now, because they were the only balance!)

Taking to Instagram, Mendeecees first revealed the news, posting a photo of himself and the son he shares with Yandy and captioning it with:

That’s wassup!! #TheHarrisFamily #VH1 Coming soon..

Yandy then posted a selfie saying, “It’s been a great year for my family.” Congrats!

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(Photos) Chris Brown Is Coming For Karrueche Again

Chris Brown x Karrueche

Chris Brown and Karrueche aren’t together at the moment because of that whole having a baby with another woman thing, but as we all expected would happen, it looks like Chris is back on the prowl for Kae. Again.

True to their typical formula, Breezy started following Kae again last night on Instagram, so I’m SURE it’s only a matter of time before we see another development here. Sigh…

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(Fellas Check The Pics) LAWD! Maliah Michel Spreads Her Legs Wide Open!


Check out these lusty flicks of thick vixen Maliah Michel spreading her legs and giving us a preview!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) WOW! Blac Chyna & Her Killer Curves Never Dissapoint!

IFWT__Blac Chyna

Check out some new flicks of vixen Blac Chyna looking EXTRA thick and lusty over in the gallery! Very suitable for #WAGONWednesday.. yum!

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(Video) Hip Hop Salutes Selena On 20th Anniversary of Her Death

A huge Rest In Peace to another “gone too soon” legend in the making as Hip Hop Salutes Selena On 20th Anniversary of Her Death. Timbaland, Bun B and a slew of others took to Instagram to chuck a strong halo-covered deuce for the star entertainer who passed away on March 31st, 1995 from a fatal gunshot wound. The ground she covered as an artist beyond representing the Hispanic community all over the world in one of the greatest cross-overs ever was unprecedented. Her legacy as an icon for style, swag, beauty, grace and genuine artistry lives on.

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(Photos) No Shame In Her Game, Rihanna Wants Nicki Minaj “NOW”

Rihanna Wants Nicki "NOW"

The #thirst is too real and stated publicly on Instagram…there’s No Shame In Her Game, Rihanna Wants Nicki Minaj “NOW” and not a minute later!

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(Photos) Shade Chronicles: Tamar Braxton Gets DRAGGED On For Making Fun Of Ciara’s Singing Skills

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton seems to be FOREVER going through it and from the looks if it, she dug herself into yet another hole. After VH1’s Black Girls Rock aired on Sunday night (March 29th), Tamar was caught “liking” a photo on Instagram shading Ciara. Within seconds, random online users started sounding off on Twitter, ripping the talk show co-host to pieces. Most people were commenting on the fact it’s funny that just a week ago, Tamar was crying about how she got bullied by K. Michelle but now she’s doing the same exact thing.

After Twitter started ripping Tamar’s life, she tried to cover it up and say that she was yelling at her friend for the insulting post. She then posted a note onto Instagram saying, “A simple ‘my bad’ will do…” SORRY TAMAR BUT… I do not see an apology coming your way any time soon. Peep the drama overrun the gallery.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) WOW.. @TattedUpHolly Twerks Her Chunky Cake In A Bikini.. That Thing Is MOVIN’!


Thick vixen and 50 Cent’s on-again, off-again bae Tatted Up Holly is currently enjoying the warm weather over in South Beach, Miami. To give us some eye candy during her trip, she has been blessing our news feeds with some SEXY videos and photos of her twerking and showing off the cake in a bikini. Fellas– hit that gallery and check it out!

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(Photos) The Shade! Kylie Jenner Comes For Blac Chyna’s Neck!

Tyga x Kylie

Although it has not been 100% confirmed from the sources themselves, it is NO secret that 17-year-old Kylie Jenner and 25-year-old Tyga are in an exclusive relationship. However, things have gotten a tad bit messy for a few reasons; 1) Kylie is underage, so we will let that sit and marinate there for a second and 2) Kim was BFF with Blac Chyna (Tyga’s ex/baby mama) but now Kylie (Kim’s sister) is dating him. Yeah, I know– it already sounds like a bad episode of Love & Hip-Hop.

We haven’t heard much from either Blac Chyna nor Kylie in regards to how they feel about one another until THIS happened. Chyna posted a photo of her blinged out Audemars Piguet watch that Tyga copped her back in 2013. The two flaunted their matching watches numerous times together on the ‘Gram, hence how we know that he purchased it for her. After she posted a new photo rocking the same watch– Kylie Jenner posted her OWN photo rocking the same exact watch with a caption that reads, “currently.” The shade is clearly real, but we have to blame Tyga for not getting more creative with his gifts he gives to his women. C’mon bruh, switch it up a little! SMH! However, I gotta give it to Kylie because she has some serious balls for even trying to come at Blac Chyna in any way.

Report to the gallery to check out the Blac Chyna vs. Kylie Jenner feud.

This is starting to get good

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Vida Guerra Gives Us A Glimpse Of Her Chunky Backside In A Thong Bikini!


Since we still have a few more hours of left of Thong Thursday, check out some shots of Vida Guerra in a thong bikini over in the gallery!

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