(Photos) Young Thug Shouts Out His Crushes From NYC On The Gram


It looks like Young Thug has his eye on two ladies from NYC, shouting them out on his IG.

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(Photo) NBA: Uh Ohh, LeBron James “Accidentally” Posts Pic Of Peen Print To Instagram!


Now we know the Cavaliers’ star player is known for being in the spotlight, in front of the cameras. Well this time, his ‘Lil Bron’ seems to be the center of attention in his latest Instagram selfie, taken after his morning fitness. Is it an accident or not?! We don’t know, but we do know, James has yet to remove it…So hit the jump if you want to see what King James is working with!

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Kylie Jenner Addresses Fake Lip Rumors: “I’m Bored”

Kylie Jenner lips

Kylie Jenner’s lips have been the topic of convo for a while now, after they went from nothing to EVERYTHING over night. Recent no-makeup photos seemed to show that it was simply the magic of makeup, but the above photo shows that it’s at least some sort of plumping effect going on, if even just temporarily. I need to know what this girl is using! Check out her response to the rumors in the gallery.

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(Videos) WTF? Keyshia Cole Was Doing THE MOST To Get Birdman’s Attention Last Night!

Keyshia Cole

She may have gave a woman the ill beat-down because she thought she was his side chick, but it seems Keyshia Cole and Birdman are still an item. Either that or she’s that petty that she wants to show him (and the world) what he’s missing? I’m hoping for the former, but you never know! Last night, Keysh took to Instagram with a few videos…some directly @’ing Stunna, some with hashtags related to him like #5StarBish…and proceeded to gyrate and toss her hair on top of a piano. Admittedly it’s sexy for like 4 seconds…..and then it’s just awkward. Hope her plan worked, whatever it was…

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(Photos) The Game Is Dating An 18-Year-Old & He Doesn’t Care Who Likes It – Or Not!!!


Okay, so The Game has himself a baddie – the baddie, however is 18-years-old and has onlookers speaking their minds.

Speculations of Game’s new girlfriend, India Love was Internet news over the past week, but after being his #WCW and his reaction to a fan’s “molestation” allegations, the LA rapper confirms his connection with the Instagram sensation.

Drop down bottom for more.

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(Photo) T.I. Gets At Dude Over Hateful Comment

IFWT_TIs Paprework artworks

Apparently TI posted about one of his watches and called it a “Big Rich Ni$$a Rap-Kit”, and a few people tagged in @fakewatchbusta and TI decided to respond to one of them.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Oh My Lawd! The Game’s Alleged New Girlfriend Is SOOOO Bad!

India Love

Rumors have been floating around that Compton rapper The Game has a new beaux named India Love. The 18-year-old Instagram vixen might be a tad bit young for the West Coast OG but she’s so bad that I doubt anyone even cares! People started putting clues together when India began posting promo pics on her IG for The Game’s Year of the Wolf album. She even went out and bought multiple copies of his album! Check out some flicks of India Love in the gallery and let us know what you think.

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(Photos) Drake Is So Petty! He Was Liking All Of Blac Chyna’s Pics On Instagram!

Tyga x Drake

“I don’t like Drake as a person. He’s just fake to me,” Tyga told VIBE in an interview that hit the web yesterday. “I like his music; you know what I’m saying? I think his music is good, but we’re all different people.” Obviously, such words aren’t going to go over very well with Drizzy, and he’s responded in the Drake’est way possible – coming for Tyga’s baby mama.

Late last night, Drizzy purposely went and liked a handful of Chyna’s sexiest Instagram photos, and this certainly puts all parties in an interesting predicament. As comedian Lil Duval noted, “Tyga can’t even get in a argument with blac chyna no more. Cuz soon as she gets mad she gon like a drake pic.” Facts!

Do you think she’ll respond? Honestly, it’s dependent on a couple of factors – one, where she and Tyga stand right now. If he’s pissing her off with this Kylie thing, she could certainly go to Drake for revenge. However, a second factor is what she wants for the future. Messing with Drake will almost certainly guarantee that she and Tyga will NEVER reconcile, and it’s also clear that Drake will ONLY be a fling. Hmm! To be fair, he DID kind of claim her first back in 2010! “Call up King of Diamonds and tell Chyna it’d be worth the flight…”

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(Photos) Someone Called Nelly’s Daughter A ‘THOT’ On The Gram, And He Wasn’t Happy!

IFWT_Reach Me Film

Someone thought it would be a good idea to comment on a picture Nelly posted of his daughter, calling her a “THOT,” and Nelly caught it.

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(Video) Sports: LOL! Kevin Hart Makes Fun Of Drake’s Basketball Fail

Kevin Hart

When Drake shot a complete airball during a warmup with the University of Kentucky, it was hilarious! Kevin Hart took it to the next level on social media with a hilarious post about the fail. Hit the jump for details.

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