(Photos) Here We Go! Shazam Gets Beats Music ‘Listen Now’ Integration!!!

This is mos def a ‘The Power Of Apple’ move, Spotify and Rdio move over, there’s a new power stream in town!!

Will iOS 8 Have Shazam Integration?!

News is breaking that Apple and Shazam are teaming up to put ‘Music Identification’ in iOS natively, kinda like how they did twitter in iOS 6 (iPhone 5), and FB in iOS 7(5S), so with the iPhone 6 comes iOS 8 with Shazam integration!!

HLNtv Exec Albie Hecht Rebrands For The ‘Social Media Generation’

HLN, which stands for “Headline News”, which is what it was formally known as, has gone through some changes as of late, 1st in Nov 2013 they got a new boss, Albie Hecht, whom was formally with MTV, and he came in and chopped some dead weight, like “Showbiz Tonight”, and “Evening Express”, but now he’s ready to Grow!!

Tech Talk NEW: Apple Has Mountain Lion Coming, and Here’s What We Found!!!

I have been seeing “Mountain Lion”(ML) All morning honestly(like in the talk about a Twitter Purchase), but No info on when it was actually dropping(which is what I was waiting for), but we do know OS X Developers have it(so Apps already in the Lion system can upgraded to ‘ML’), and there seems to be a lot of iOS integration. Hit the Jump!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk App: TomTom Has Twitter/Facebook Integration Coming!!!

CES Strikes again, TomTom has announced at the CES that TomTom has a new version of its iPhone and iPad app(No mention of Android??) Hit the Jump.

Tech Talk Device: Windows Phone 7 Mango And Twitter!!!

I didnt really do you guys justice since I haven’t posted about the 1st Mango phone(Windows 7 code name) and although it Has made noise, there wsn’t anything exciting enough where I felt you guys would eat it up, But the Twitter integration, the time has come to share, Hit the Jump! Tat WZA

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