(Video) If You’re a Troll, You’re Probably A Sadist!

Anyone that has ever put out ‘work’ on the internet understands the level of ‘criticism’ that usually comes with it, although one may be looking for ‘feedback’ but that’s not usually what they get, they get the ‘HATE’!

(Photos + Video) Internet Goes In On Jay-Z For His Verse In Drake’s “Pop Style”

Usually when you see any song ft. Jay-Z, you get hype. To get a new verse from the entrepreneur was exciting for a lot of fans, but ultimately many were let down…the always merciless internet goes in on Hov now for his “bar” in Drake’s “Pop Style” also featuring Kanye West. Hit the jump for the mockery.

(Photos) The Internet Is Trying To Name Kim & Kanye’s New Baby

Yes, the biggest news this weekend was Kim and Kanye bringing their second child into the world, still unnamed, but it is a boy! Now since the star power couple are yet to name their new son, the twittersphere is starting to suggest some names for KimYe – some good and some are hilarious. They were rumored to be naming their baby boy Easton to pair with his big sister North (Nori) West, but Kim is reportedly against it. Twitter has been favoring that name though…hit the jump to see what other names are in talks for Kim and Kanye’s first son!

Clap Back Season: Amber Rose Puts Internet Trolls In Their Place!

When women become famous from basically being a bad b*tch, it’s just a known fact that people will always have something negative to say. However for Amber Rose, she had enough! Muva Rosebud took to her Instagram page to announce her first annual “Amber Rose Slut Walk” which is, “aimed to combat Women’s Equality issues, such as, sexual injustice, victim blaming, derogatory labeling and gender inequality.” Once she put up the post, her comments began to blow up with negativity. Amb clapped back at a hater for calling her a heaux and went on a long rant explaining all of the positive things she does (and it is a long list at that, you go girl!) She then posted up a picture of the word “slut shaming” along with its definition. Check out the online drama over in the gallery!

Barack Obama And Google Are Offering Free Internet To Low Income Families

Barack Obama And Google Are Offering Free Internet To Low Income Families. Hop into the post for the details! See if this will be an option in your city. #IFWT!Barack Obama And Google Are Offering Free Internet To Low Income Families.

(Photos) Rich Homie Quan’s Baby Mama Goes HAM On Internet Troll For WHAT?!

Being that we live in the age of social media, internet slander has been on super high lately, and especially with celebrity children. We’ve see The Game go off on someone for calling his daughter ugly, Nelly go ham for someone calling his daughter a thot and now we have Rich Homie Quan’s baby mama/girlfriend Amber Rella going bizzerk on a random troll for saying their son is “fat” and “ugly.” Just as any good parent would, Amber fired back ASAP at the hater and destroyed their whole entire life. In all seriousness though, anyone talking about someone’s child is, OFF RIP, a pretty pathetic person. Mind you, Rich Homie and Amber’s son is only 8-months-old (and quite adorable at that) and the troll could hardly even write a sentence properly. Translation needed immediately, please. Check out the back and forth drama over in the gallery.

China’s Internet Boot Camps Are Increasing At Alarming Rates

In 2008 China declared internet addiction to be a clinical disorder. Since then there are approximately 250 “internet boot camps” in China. Involuntary incarceration, behavioral modification and military style discipline are the many techniques being used to fight internet addiction. Spreading to South Korea as well as the United States these boot camps have been popping up at an alarming rate.

Schoolboy Q Explains Why The Game Is F*cked Up, Talks On Labeling An Album A “Classic” Too Soon

The Schoolboy is dropping some of his own knowledge on the hip hop world in his most recent interview with Acclaim Mag. Q discusses taking time for an album to marinate before labeling it a classic and even serves some insight on what is wrong with the rap game right now. Read what he had to say after the jump!

Google And Netflix Rally Against Cable Providers?!

The debate over who should pay for delivery of online content to customer’s homes is almost over. Google says it will not charge Netflix for a direct interconnection to its Fiber Internet network. Netflix has already been paying Comcast and Verizon for interconnection on their networks. This idea could benefit future content companies.

Verizon Goes From LTE To XLTE….Is This 5G?!?

Verizon announced XLTE an upgraded LTE network. Is it really faster? Verizon claims the new XLTE network is twice as fast as its original. The good news is that phones are already compatible.

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