(Video/Photos) SMH! Man Murders Boss Over Photo Being Uploaded Without Permission

There has to be something in the water in Florida, they are stone cold Crazy down there…Maybe the heat is just frying brains. 42 Year old Fla. man, Tilus Lebrun, wasn’t happy about some picture being uploaded to the internet, and went off in a rage slicing up his boss in front of 20 or so witnesses….

(Photos) The Internet Goes Crazy With Creative El Chapo Arrest Memes

After the world’s most infamous drug kingpin named “El Chapo” aka Joaquín Guzmán Loera was arrested this weekend after an intensive 10-year search, the internet blew up in no time with some pretty artistic memes. Although El Chapo was responsible for countless brutal murders and was worth over $1 billion dollars in drug money, leave it to these on-line comedics to turn a bad situation into something to laugh about. Check out some of the most creative ones in the gallery.

(Photos) LMFAO! The Internet Blows Up With Hilarious #ThisCouldBeUs Memes

If you’ve been keeping up with the #ThisCouldBeUs hashtag craze currently going on all over Instagram, you’ve seen some absolutely hilarious and creative memes that people came up with. I literally have been cracking up for days now following this new IG trend going on. Check out some of our favorite memes in the gallery!

(Photos) Childish Gambino “On The Edge” Of Complex Mag’s Cover

I can not tell a lie – because the internet is one of my favorite albums right now. Even with the success of the recent album and all of the fame the writer/rapper/actor known as Childish Gambino or Donald Glover admits to not having everything mapped out. “I haven’t figured out humanity or whatever I’m searching for yet,” he said. I’m sure you’re not the only one Mr. Glover. The Community actor states his obsession with the Internet for Complex Magazine’s February/March 2014 issue. “It’s curated. I want to show how the Internet affects our lives,” he says. “As much as everyone can find someone on the Internet now, we still feel lost. I still feel very empty. It makes me feel more lost because nothing that I do is that different. Nothing is cool. We’re kind of alone in the universe,” he adds. No one is perfect, but Childish Gambino is working on being as great as he can. Check out more after the jump.

Danny Brown Responds To The Leak Of His Anticipated “Old” Album!!!

Artists are not too fond of the good ol’ album leak but Fool’s Gold, Danny Brown is not one of them! After reports that Brown’s latest project “Old’ leaked, the rapper took to twitter and began retweeting the responses to his album leak instead, hit the jump for more details!

Yahoo Reveals New Logo!!!

Yahoo has been gearing up to release their new logo for the past 30 days. Now the wait is finally over. The company unveiled its new logo via its Tumblr page.

(Video) Are You Addicted To The Internet?? THIS Hospital Can Help!!!

Considering we at IFWT are all about the internet, I almost don’t want to let you know about this BUT if you have a real problem(maybe even causing sleep texting), Then you may need the help!!

These Guys Want To Do WHAT With Your Web Browser History!

The two guys who founded Last.fm a popular Internet radio site much like Pandora that recommends songs and artists has come out with a new idea. Their idea called Lumi would recommend new things for you to watch, buy, and read by going through a person’s browsing history. Hit the jump for the full story ..

WOW!!! Microsoft Is Really Shutting Down THIS Service!?!?

Microsoft was the first company to bring the world a set top device that which allows you to go on the internet on your TV called WebTV/MSNTV. The company is now taking steps to shut down the product and its service.

#IFWT Wishes The WWW A Happy 20th Anniversary !!!

It has been 20 years today since the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN,created a website with the information needed to run a website to the public. In honor of the world wide web, the first website was restored.

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