Tech Talk Shopping: Senate Looking To Introduce Internet Sales Tax !!!

I hope this doesn’t pass! This is why people are Occupying Wall Street. Not exactly the same lane but sheesh they looking to take one of the biggest advantages to shopping online. Check out the full story after the jump. WZA on Google+ X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk News: Tweets Is Watching

The CIA Open Source Center has revealed that the CIA and FBI are watching at least five million tweets per day and that’s not all they are watching! A team of agents is currently watching over tweets, Facebook posts, newspapers, blogs, TV news channels, internet chat rooms, and local radio stations that anyone in this country and overseas can access. The team, known as the “vengeful librarians,” constist of all different agents who speak languages from Arabic to Mandarin and look out for everything from a simple blog post to an angry rant. Read more about what they are looking for after the jump. Julie1205 x +TatWZA

(Video) Caught On Tape: Texas Judge Beats His Daughter For Using The Internet

Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter who has cerebral palsy as punishment for using the internet to acquire music and games that were unavailable for legal purchase at the time. He wasn’t playing at all, he beat the s*** out of her. @WiL

Tech Talk News: FCC Unveils “Connect America Fund” !!!

Crazy to think about living in an area without high speed interent. One of the blessings of living in a major city like New York. Well no high speed internet is a reality for millions of Americans until now. Check out the new plan after the jump which isn’t only providing internet for some but creating jobs! WZA on Google+ X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk News: What States Have The Fastest Internet?

Moving soon? Well check out the slideshow after the jump so you don’t move to a state with dial-up speeds. WZA on Google+ X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk Viral: (Video) Woman To Live-Stream Her Child’s Birth!!

Um… raise your hand if you have any interest whatsoever in watching this…… No one? Ok cool, that’s what I thought. Mom-to-be Nancy Salgueiro has announced that she will be live-streaming her third child’s birth online from her home where she’s giving birth. I wonder what her husband has to say? Watch what she has to say about it after the jump… Wendy L. x TatWza

Tech Talk News: Home Internet Service For Only $9.99 A Month??

That is no typo, Comcast has now launched it Internet Essentials program giving internet service for only $9.99 a month and access to $150 computers. Low income families with at least one child and are eligible for the free lunch program qualify for the Internet Essentials program. This is great allowing all the youth access to the Internet for education and leisure. Check out the full details on the launch of Comcast’s nationwide program after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X @ShottaDru

NBC To Air All 2012 Olympic Events Live On TV & Internet

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl NBC’s Olympic coverage in London will look very familiar, with one major twist. For the first time, the network plans to show every event live in some form – even if it’s just raw video streaming online. But the prime-time broadcasts will still use that traditional formula of human-interest features and taped competition.

Tech Talk News: Power And Cell Networks Struggling After Irene

As Irene is downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm as she works her way through New York City and Massachusetts, over four million are without power, and critical infrastructure is struggling to cope with flood waters. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

Tech Talk News: UK PM Proposes Banning Facebook And Twitter

The UK riots currently heard around the world may get the cone of silence. The UK Prime Minister wants to keep what his London police do a secret from the rest of the world. So, he proposed to cut off Londers’ access to facebook and twitter. Either way, something is about to blow up. Details after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X Emma Rabid

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