(Video) Lol: Conan Spazzes On Executive, Stands Up For His Interns

Conan has something special to say to a whole generation that “feels the bern”.

IFWT Is Looking For Interns!

Looking for the next person to be with the #IFWT All-Star Staff!!! Do you really have what it takes to be a professional writer, get seen by Millions of people, and learn from the Best like @marisamendez @gametimegirl @jaair_status @labellajew & @tatwza???? Are you into Entertainment, News, Sports, Music, Tech, Sneakers??? Send resume to [email protected] — This could be your shot!! #HardworkPaysOff  

#MusicStillMatters We Are Looking For Writers/Interns For Websites!!! Do You Have What It Takes?! #MusicStillMatters

One of the Web’s sources for the best in NEW MUSIC, VIDEO’s, NEWS, KICKS, SPORTS, TECH, AUTO TALK, and MUSIC VIDEOS. Are you ready to be apart of it?!

Funk Flex Is Looking For Sports Writers/Interns For InFlexWeTrust.com!

One of the web’s sources for the best in NEW MUSIC, VIDEO’s, NEWS, KICKS, SPORTS, TECH, AUTO TALK, and MUSIC VIDEOS.  Are you ready to be apart of it?! We are looking for people with a serious drive to get things done and looking to get ahead in life!  We’re looking for two SPORTS writers/interns.  Must be able to work nights & weekends.  Hit the jump for details…

(Photos) Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi Sued by Former Employees

Not a good look: Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi Sued by Former Employees for identifying the entry-level workers as interns to avoid paying out at least minimum wage. The class action suit follows a string of similar cases, most recently bringing the fashion and media power house Conde Nast to a $5.8 million payout.

Whoa! 3,000 Former Interns Are Suing Warner Music Group For WHAT??!?

Wow, it must have been too real for some of Warner Music Group’s former interns. About 3,000 have just been given the green light to file a class action lawsuit against the label. According to court claim’s, Warner Music Group violated minimum wage and overtime requirements as well as other Fair Labor Standard Act regulations. Hit the jump to see what this could mean.

Dj Enuff Is Looking For new Interns To Blog For ThatsEnuff.com…Do You Got What It Takes?!?

If you do, you have your finger o the pulse of what’s going on out here, send your resume’ [email protected]!!

LOL!! Google Interns Are Working Hard But Partying Even Harder!!!

According to reports, Google’s new summer interns are causing a disturbance in a Silicon Valley apartment complex. Apparently the batch of students/former students has been having a lot of late night parties causing neighbors to complain.

Warner Music Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Interns

A former intern at Atlantic Records has brought a class action lawsuit against WMG to “recover claimed unpaid minimum wages and overtime wages” for a group that’s apparently more than 100 people strong. This is the first of its kind to be filed in the music industry. Don’t these kids understand what paying dues mean?! This is entertainment…we’ve ALL interned at some point. SMH! Details on his suit below.

NBA: LeBron James is Looking For Interns!

Want to work for LeBron James?! Now is your chance! He’s sworn off Twitter for the playoffs, but he has been making just a couple posts on Facebook and yesterday before the game, he announced that he’s looking for interns! You do need to meet some requirements. Check it out & good luck!

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