(Photos) U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, To Launch Investigation On Baltimore Police

The death of Freddie Gray has left many unanswered questions for the people of Baltimore as well as the nation. The uprisings in Baltimore also sparked the public, as well as government officials, to question the practices of the police in Baltimore City. The Attorney General and the Justice Department will conduct an investigation on Baltimore City police to see if there has been a pattern of excessive force.

(Video) Freddie Gray Investigation To Be Completed Friday

The Freddie Gray protestors want answers and they want it now. Friday, will be judgement day for the Freddie Gray case but will it be let out to the public?

Pattern Of Racial Bias Within Ferguson’s Police Force Found During DOJ Investigation

…well, duh! For the George Zimmerman seeked justice, it was more of a swing and miss, but for the citizens of Ferguson, Mo., a change maybe underway. Hey, at least there’s been notice; on the books. A pattern of racial bias within Ferguson’s police force was found during the Department of Justice’s investigation. The investigation found that among the 67 percent of black population in Ferguson, excessive force was used, and black drivers are stopped and searched more often than white motorists. More after the jump. Drop Down bottom for more.

FBI Brought In On NAACP Bombing In Colorado Springs

Early Tuesday morning, a makeshift bomb was found outside a Colorado Springs NAACP office. There was an explosion, however a gasoline can sitting next to the device didn’t ignite. In connection to the explosion, the FBI’s Denver office is now looking for a balding man, around the age of 40, who was seen leaving the scene in a white pickup with a missing or covered license plate. Hit the jump for more.

NFL: Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel Investigated By Police For Allegedly Beating Up A Fan

A fan apparently approached Manziel in a Cleveland hotel to get a handshake, which didn’t go over well with the rookie’s entourage which led to a brawl. Hit the jump for details.

(Photo Update) MLB: Jose Canseco Shooting – NO Foul Play – Just Dumb Luck!

Police have further investigated the shooting that went down in the Canseco household, confirming that it was IN FACT an accident. Following the investigation, he showed his cast off to the world from bed, saying “Got no sleep. Hope I can keep my finger but grateful it wasn’t something worse…” Hit the jump to see the photo update!

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