(Photo) The Game Offers To Invest $10 Million In Kanye West IF He Does This…

Kanye West recently announced he’s got $53 million of personal debt. In a recent Twitter rant, Ye’ called out Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg asking him invest $1 billion into his ideas for art, music, fashion, ect. So far Zuckerberg has yet to respond, however fellow rapper The Game has stepped up to the plate with an offer. Late Tuesday night, The Game tweeted he would invest $10 million into “Kanye West ideas” but of course there was a catch. “Tell him I’m not Mark Zuckerberg but I got $10,000,000 to invest in his ideas if he comes to Dubai & skydives wit us tomorrow,” he tweeted, adding “I’ll pay for the flight, It’s 12 noon in #Dubai you got an hour to accept. Call/my phone or tweet #BlackJesus.” Do you think Kanye will accept Game’s offer? Stay tuned… Click the gallery for more.

NFL: Former Cowboys Great, Troy Aikman, Just Made Millions Of Dollars Off Wingstop!

Troy Aikman made the type of money that set him up for the rest of his life during his NFL career in Dallas. From the sounds of things, he has been great off the field since then when it comes to business because he just made a killing in one day, courtesy of the Wingstop chain.

(Video) Nas Invested In THIS App To Help People Find Jobs!!!

This is Dope, Nas, yes Nas jumping into the digit game, as an investor and advisor to how the streets are feeling. A company called proven created an App(named the same) designed to help people find and apply for jobs on Craigslist.

It’s Official, Blackberry Is Selling For $4.7B….But Will It Help?!?

I ask because the people buying it are more about investment, and not Tech. I feel like the only way Blackberry could make a come back is a Tech company took over.

True Religion Sold To Investment Company For How Much?!?!

True Religion, going once, going twice, SOLD! Hit the jump for the full story!

Tech Talk News: @Viddy Is Expanding!! Guess How Much They Were Able To Raise?

With a couple of video social networks on the rise Viddy is aiming to keep growing and stand out against the competition. Well with the investment they received they will have a lot of money to fund their growth. Hit the jump to check out how much @Viddy has been able to raise. @ShottaDru X @TatWza

Tech Talk News: Notorious Winklevoss Twins Announce New Winklevoss Capital Venture Company!!

Have you seen “The Social Network” film? Well the twins from the film which battled for years with CEO Mark Zuckerburg over Facebook rights have announced their new investment firm Winklevoss Capital. Hit the jump to see what the Winklevoss Twins are working on! +TatWZA X @ShottaDru

Auto Talk: Investment firm buys 5.8% of GM

General Motors stock is down 45 percent over the last year, which would lead the uninformed to think that the automaker is still losing money by the bucketload. On the contrary, The General pulled in a healthy $7.6 billion in 2011. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

Tech Talk Rumor Is: Apple Could Buy Twitter???

As I was on 9to5mac, I saw a Poll they did, and it made me extremely curious, they want to know from the people, ‘How long before Apple Buys Twitter’ and as they are known for inside Apple info, my curiosity grew to most interested, Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Money: Everything You Need To Know About The Facebook IPO!!!

Help invest in your child’s college fund with some Facebook stock. Imagine how much it will be worth by the time they are 18. Hit the jump to find out everything about the Facebook IPO which could be filed next week. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru

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