Mix-N-Mash: @Nike x TRUE Invisibility Cloak Penny V Snapback Hat & Nike Penny V Invisibility Cloak

Today’s mix n mash features a pair of kicks and the perfect hat to go with them. Exclusively with Nike. Hit the jump to get more info and see the gallery….

Kicks: @Nike x Air Penny 5 “Invisibility Cloak” – Release Reminder

Dropping today in stores the new Nike Air Penny V Invisibility Cloak. Hit the jump for a pic and tell us did you cop?….

Tech Talk Science: Is Time Travel Closer Than We Think???

So they say Some Scientist at Cornell University have actually Have Bent the Fabric of Time….WHAT??? Wow, that’s crazy, cause watching a Documentary on Netflix the other day about what the tale of 2012 Really means, and one of the things is that time travel may be possible, Whoa! Ok hit the Jump to see the Video showing how they say they area doing it! +TatWZA

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