Apple Is Working To Fix WHAT On iOS 7???

Since Apple released the new iOS 7 on September 18th, users have been having issues with iMessage. The company said they have been receiving complaints of iMessages not going through.

Wait… Apple Sends Out Invites For WHAT?!?!

It’s official!!! On September 10th Apple will hold a special invite only press conference where the company is rumored to introduce its new iPhones, the 5S and 5C. Also at this event, Apple will go into more details about the new iOS 7.

(Video) The New ‘Low-Cost’ iPhone 5C Gets The Scratch Test!!!

It looks the 5C may very well be more resistant than the 5. Most like it’s all about the plastic, that metal just loves the scratches!! Ok Hit and See.

Wait WHAT..Controlling Your Phone By Moving Your Head? #iOS7

Yes it is TRUE Apple’s new iOs 7 gives you the ability to control both your iPhone and iPad with left or right head movements. Hit the jump to find out how it works..

Snapchat Disabled WHAT Feature?

Snapchat is a place where we send embarrassing pictures as well as videos knowing that that particular person cannot retrieve it after the designated time is up. But you might think twice about snapchatting that embarrassing photo after you read this..

Apple’s iOS 7 Will Have A New Design!?!?

Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design and the new design chief for iOS, Jonathan Ive, is letting some information out about the upcoming iOS 7. Reportedly he is saying they look of the new iOS will be “black, white and flat all over.”

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