If iOS 7 Is Killing Your Battey, This Could HELP!!!

So although I’ve told people with the 4/4S they prob shouldn’t update to iOS 7, some still ‘folded to peer pressure’ and updated. Now those with a certain degree of hard headedness(pause) are asking me, ‘What do I do?’. Well I’m here for you!!

It’s Official, Apple Starts iPhone Trade In Program Today?!!!!

We’ve been hearing about this ALL Week, but out of no where they just drop it on us, BOOM. Drop down and see what your unragedy a** iPhone may be worth!!

If You Are An Iphone 4 Owner, You Might Want To Check Your Mail!!!

Owners of iPhone 4 started to receive payments from a class action lawsuit against Apple in which the smartphone would drop service depending on how you were holding the phone. Apple tried to say the users were holding the phone wrong and then agreed it was an issue with the antenna.

Tech Talk News: Does The iOS 6 Update Drain The iPhone 4 and 4S battery??

Word is the iOS 6 update for the iPhone 4 and 4s is draining the battery.  Yes it’s an awesome update but are the features worth the update.  First the maps and now the phone’s battery. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Kicks: Air Jordan 3 ‘Fire Red’ iPhone 4 Sole Case

What better way to deck out your iPhone with a fresh case displaying one of the greatest soles of all time, in one of the most iconic colors in the Air Jordan series. G.O.A.T whipped up a fresh “Fire Red” iPhone case, featuring the signature sole shape and patterns as the actual AJ 3 sole. Hit the jump to see the pics and you can scoop this up over at G.O.A.T. Tell us what you think… TatWzaDJ Juanyto

Tech Talk News: Trade-in Your iPhone 4S And Get Up To $400

Looking to trade in your iPhone 4s or iPhone 4 to get the iPhone 5, you might be  in luck as trade in and buy backs sites are offering up to $400 for the smartphone. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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