Apple Loses Patent Case To University Of Wisconsin, Could Pay $862 Million

University of Wisconsin won a patent case against Apple. They claimed that the college owned rights to technology improving chip efficiency. Apple used identical technology in its most recent products. The tech giant denies it all. Hit the jump to find out why Apple could pay almost $400 million.

(Photos) Charge Key Might Be The Only USB Cable You’ll Ever Need!!

While I was at CES I ran into hundreds of people, and some were there to show their wonderful products off, but most came to see them. The best thing of course was actually being able to try the products out for yourself, which was super limited due to hundreds if not thousands trying to be the next one to do so. As I was there as press, some manufacturers wanted me to see the products a little closer, and that’s what brings us here.

It’s Official, Apple Starts iPhone Trade In Program Today?!!!!

We’ve been hearing about this ALL Week, but out of no where they just drop it on us, BOOM. Drop down and see what your unragedy a** iPhone may be worth!!

WTF??? Apple Is Investigating The Death Of A Woman That Used WHAT???

Apple is helping investigators figure out why a lady died while using its product. Ma Ailun a 23 year old woman from China was electrocuted from using her iPhone 5.

All iPhone Users NEED To See THIS!!!!

We all want the upmost protection when it comes to our phone but it often comes with a price. Many full protection cases are either extremely big and bulky or just really expensive. See what LifeProof has come out for the iPhone 5.

THIS Will Change the Way You Take Pictures!

We’ve all been through it, it’s night time and you try to capture the NYC skyline, moon, etc on your iPhone 5 and the flash sucks for lack of a better term. This device is said to improve the brightness up to four times MORE than your iPhone 5!

This Iphone 5 Plan Is HOW MUCH A Month??

Yes it is TRUE Virgin Mobile is coming out with the Iphone 5 next Friday meaning that customers will be able to have the unlimited Beyond Talk Plans as well as unlimited texting but for how much?? Hit the jump to find out ..

T-Mobile Changed Its Down Payment Price For THIS Phone

Today, T-Mobile upped the price for the down payment required to purchase the iPhone 5. The new price for the 16GB iPhone 5 is $149 well-qualified customers and then $20 a month for next 24 months.

Apple Debuts New TV Ad For WHAT?!?!

Apple has released a new TV ad for iPhone 5 that focuses on the camera aspect of the phone. The company says, “Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”

See What Phone These Sexy Celebs Use For Their Selfies!!!!!

You Know I Love Women Selfies, Especially The Nude Ones, But here after the Jump we have some Very Sexy Celebs taking Selfies with their phone of chose…The iPhone!

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