Apple Releases iOS Update To Fix WHAT???

The company recently released iOS 7.0.2 which fixes bugs that would allow anyone to bypass the lock screen passcode, as we reported on previously. As well as bringing back the Greek keyboard to use for passcodes. Since this is a new iOS we can assume Apple will have more updates in store to fix other major and minor problems with iOS 7

(Video) Uhh OH! New iPhones Take The Durability Test!!

Well these video’s happen as soon as a new phone comes out, but there is some interesting news this time.

(Video) And Here’s How The iPhone 5S Touch ID Fingerprint Security Can Be HACKED!!!!

It was a matter of time but damn the Sunday right after the Friday that it came out, That’s Quick!! You might want to stick with that passcode instead of using the fingerprint security.

Here’s How It Works IF You Don’t Update To iOS 7!!!

iOS 7 has been the talk of the web since it was announced in June(besides the 5S & 5C), and the day is finally here, but what about those that could care less or are worried they can’t update because they’re scared their favorite app won’t be on iOS 7?? Well there’s not an app for that, but there is a cure!!

(Video) LOL Jimmy Kimmel Tries Out The New “iPhone 5s”

The Jimmy Kimmel Show went out to the streets and try to convince people the new iPhone5s was actually the iPad mini. Check out this hilarious video after the jump.

(PHOTOS) Here’s What Happened At The Apple Event Today

This is it, Apple’s day, and the day the world stood still to find out about the 2 newest iPhones. I’m not sure why they didn’t stream, but at this point it doesn’t matter, The whole world is ‘Suck Apple Off’ today!! Keep updating to See what we’ve learned below!

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