(PHOTOS) Boxing: Got Damn! Floyd Mayweather Takes It To Another Level With His $50K Ipod & $100K Rolex!

Nothing to see here folks! Just Floyd Mayweather being Floyd Mayweather. Actually, you gotta see this!  $50,000 ipod?!  Yep!  Floyd’s ipod may blind you along with his iced out Rolex and crazy braclet …even he says it’s on another level.  Life is so great for the champ. Check out the pics after the jump…

Apple Hits A Milestone With The Number Of iPods Sold!!!!

Apple has confirmed that it has sold over a 100 million iPods Touch devices since its released. iPod touch is one of the best selling Apple products.

New Tumblr Update Is Available For This OS!!!!

With the new acquisition happening yesterday, Tumblr decided to also update its iOS app version. The new redesigned app has a few new features like a new post type chooser and app attribution on posts.

Blockbuster Now Availble For IOS

Blockbuster On Demand is now availble for iOS users. Subscribers can use the digital movie rental service application to watch thousands of movies in full Surround Sound.

Star Command: Release Trailer

War Balloon Games has put out a new trailer for Star Command announcing the launch for iOS platforms, with an Android release coming soon. Star Command will be iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on May 2nd.

#IFWT Wishes Itunes A Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!

It’s been a decade since Apple launched iTunes. On April 28, 2003 Apple’s then CEO Steve Jobs, launched the music store for users of iPod and Macs to download music.

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