(Fellas Check The Pics) WOW! Draya Proves Why She’s An Official “Fine A$$ Girl” In These Bikini Shots!


Fine A$$ Girl founder Draya Michele has been blessing us with some new bikini flicks rocking some merch from her Mint Swimsuit clothing line. Check ‘em out in the gallery!

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Inmate Dies After Making Inappropriate Gesture To Female C.O.!

IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Held New York City Rikers Island Prison

A very angry mother has to bury her son Bradley Ballard (39), who was mentally ill because he made a pass at a female Correction Officer at the Rikers Island Correctional Facility in N.Y. After making an unflattering gesture to the C.O. the inmate was placed in his cell for 7 days without medication his medication.

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(Check The Pics) Yaaaaasss, Hunny! Wendy Williams Flaunts Her Beach Body In A Bikini!

wendy williams talks the jacksons and beyonce's momma

Wendy Williams has just been looking FAB lately with her skinny bod! the 49-year-old recently took a trip to a tropical island where she got a lot of use out of her new skimpy pink bikini. Wendy looks HAWT! Go, Girllllll! Check out the flicks in the gallery of the talk-show host’s smokin’ hot bod.

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(Photos) Rihanna Whines Up Her Body & Drops It Low In Barbados For Carnival!


Rihanna got in touch with her Bajan roots by taking her talents to Barbados to party it up for Carnival. Hit the gallery to see BadGalRiRi bustin’ it open and getting her party on in her festive costume and all after the jump!

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(Photos) Damn!! Bet You Haven’t Seen A Fort Like This!!!

British sea fort now a luxury getaway.

What was once used a sea fort for defense, is now as a luxury resort. It cost the owners nearly $5 million to refurbish this place, and it’s a mile off the coast of…

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(Video) NYC Implodes Tallest Building On Governors Island !!!


Building 877 was destroyed to create more room for new public parks that are under construction, and the city decided to make an event of it. Check it out right after the jump!

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Jay-Z Continues To Stunt On Us All! Guess What His Next Move May Be!

Hov sure has come a long way from the “vacations” he’d take like in the photo above. The hip-hop mogul enjoys many an island vacay with wife Beyonce and now with their baby girl Blue, but the paparazzi is becoming a bit too much for them. So, what’s a boss like Jay do? Buy his own private island, of course! Get the details below!

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(Video + Photo) Watch Rihanna’s River Island Clothing Line Debut In London

Rihanna Show

You’ve heard about River Island, Rihanna’s new clothing line. Now, watch how the highly anticipated debut went down on Saturday at London’s Fashion Week. Footage after the jump.

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(Photos) Hotel Under The Sea!


Only a creative yet billion-dollar-mind can whip up a crazy idea like this.  A hotel under the water off the coast of Fiji!  Forty feet under water it would contain 25 suites, a gym, restaurant, and of course a bar.  Imagine sleeping and opening your eyes to stare into the eyes of a shark. Hmmm, yes you would have to have some courage to sleep 40 feet underwater , without the thoughts of Jaws or Deep Blue Sea.  Hit the jump for example photos and for how much it would cost to stay here!

Steph B

It would cost about $15,000 to stay there for a week!

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(Photos) World’s Biggest Indoor Beach

Indoor Tropical Island

Ever wonder if a paradise can be put indoors somewhere? It would  have perfect temperatures and it would never rain in this indoor paradise.  Well it is completely possible and has come true in Germany.  A tropical island has been created and placed inside of a dome for everyone to enjoy a beautiful,tropical vacation with no precipitation! Hit the jump for pics of the indoor paradise.

Steph B

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