Lana Del Rey Got TWO Of Her Luxury Jaguars Stolen This Week

Lana Del Rey has been having a tough week…first one of her Jaguars was stolen, than someone to tried to break into her home…than the same car-jacker came back for her brand new 2015 Jaguar! The “Ride” singer really needs to upgrade her security detail before something else is next…full story after the jump.

(Video) NFL: New Jaguar Looking Mean In Super Bowl Ad

This commercial was tough! Hit the jump.

NFL: Colin Kaepernick Signs Endorsement Deal & Gets A New Ride!

Congratulations to Colin Kaepernick on landing another endorsement deal!  Check out who he signed with and what ride he just got…

Auto: Hate It Or Love It Poll: Custom Ford F150 With Jaguar Grill

I don’t even know what to think with this. The idea is actually pretty cool considering Ford took over control of Jaguar a few years ago, but I don’t know if this works. I always loved the front grill of the Jaguar S type, even to this day. But that classy look is lost on this F150. Whoever did this did a great job of the customization. It really looks seamless with the new front grill. So let us know what you guys think. Take the poll after the jump. Hate it or Love it!

Auto(Photo) Britney Spears Has A New Car…Does Anyone Care?

Is any news with Britney relevant at this point? Well I am sure some people still care about the former star. She recently picked herself up a new Jaguar XK convertible. It is a nice classy luxury car, but I would expect more from her since the price tag is usually between $80k-$100k. Maybe she has grown up and is being responsible with her money, or maybe she prefers to be a little bit more low key these days. Either way it is still a nice whip. Check the gallery after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) Which Luxury Cars Are Worth The Least??

I guess some luxury cars really are not worth all that luxury after all. Investopedia recently did a story on luxury cars that lose value the fastest. I was definitely surprised that a Mercedes S class was on the list, but I was not surprised Range Rovers are on the list because I have known for years they do not hold their value. Range Rovers on average can drop as much as 85% in value in the 5 years after purchase. The study was based on average resell price 5 years after the original purchase. Take a look at the gallery above for 3 other luxury cars that lose their value the fastest. IamJOE357

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