NFL: Tennessee Titans Interested in JaMarcus Russell

The Tennessee Titans lost their quarterback Jake Locker due to a hip injury and are on the hunt for a replacement.  They’re either really desperate or they saw something special because they inquired about JaMarcus Russell.  Read more after the jump.

NFL: This Is Crazy!! The Raiders Are Paying How Much To Players They Don’t Have??

This is really crazy!! Shows you how bad some teams can manage their money and make terrible deals with players. The Raiders have been a joke in the NFL for a while, and maybe this is why. Hit the jump to see how much they are going to pay this season for players they don’t even have, smh.

NFL: Say What? JaMarcus Russell To Collect $3M From Raiders

Soooooo being an NFL draft bust can pay off!  SMH.  JaMarcus has been trying to make a comeback in the NFL, but if that doesn’t work out for him – at least he’s $3 million richer. The Raiders will reportedly pay JaMarcus Russell another $3 million in a settlement over his disputed rookie contract. Details after the jump…

(PHOTO) NFL: JaMarcus Russell Has Lost Some Weight! Check Out The Before & After Pic

I guess fans will have to come up with some new jokes — no more fat jokes for JaMarcus Russell (you can still use the NFL draft bust jokes for now)!  He’s lost 51 pounds, who knows maybe he will land on a team next season?! Check it out…

NFL Report: Chicago Bears Unlikely to Sign QB JaMarcus Russell

It appeared that quarterback JaMarcus Russell was making some progress with his comeback and even got a tryout with the Chicago Bears.  However it seems like a deal between the two is unlikely.  Read more after the jump.

Sports: Draft Bust JaMarcus Russell Gets Tryout With NFL Team on Friday!

Welp, he’s getting what he wanted — a chance.  Looks like the work he’s been putting in is paying off.  We’ve been hearing that JaMarcus Russell has been drawing interest from a few NFL teams and now he has a try out with one on Friday. Would you want JaMarcus on your team?! Report after the jump…

(PHOTO) NFL: WTH?! LOL, Fans Go In On JaMarcus Russell’s Hairline!

Damn, JaMarcus Russell’s hairline is getting the LeBron treatment! I saw this picture floating around Twitter then found the source it came from and it’s pretty funny. Busted Coverage said JaMarcus was looking like a cross between LeBron James and Kimbo Slice and they were right on point. Fellas, you have to know when it’s time to shave! Check out the pic & let us know what you think…

NFL: JaMarcus Russell Attracting Interest From a Few NFL Teams

When the information made rounds that JaMarcus Russell was returning to the NFL, laughter ensued.  The former No. 1 overall draft pick is now considered one of the biggest busts in the NFL.  With his prior history and weight ballooning to over 300 pounds, everyone assumed his career was finished and this comeback laughable.  Well it turns out NFL teams aren’t laughing but are instead showing interest.  Read more after the jump.

NFL:(Video) Draft Bust Jamarcus Russell Runs 40 Yard Dash

Some of you will probably care less but this is still fun to watch. Jamarcus Russell, who was drafted #1 overall by the Oakland Raiders a few years ago, and given a huge rookie contract before finding himself out of the league is trying hard with his comeback. For those who don’t know, Mr. Russell has probably been the worst draft pick in NFL history. He never proved he was worth anything and he was out of shape and cut before he knew it. In an effort to show NFL scouts he is taking his comeback serious, he has been working with trainers to get in football shape. He ran the 40 yard dash the other day, which is the mecca of important football numbers. Let’s just say he still has some jelly donuts to get out of his system before people will take his comeback serious. Check out the video after the jump.

NFL: JaMarcus Russell Is Holding a Pro Day & Guess Who’s Attending

The once noted biggest bust in the NFL, JaMarcus Russell is beginning his attempt at a comeback.  He and his team have listed April 10th as the tentative date for his Pro Day and it’s reported he has a special guest and star receiver coming through to help him out.  Read more after the jump.

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