Sports: 5 Athletes Made Time’s 100 Most Influential People List

Just 5 sports stars made Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world for 2014.  As most have seen, Brooklyn Nets baller Jason Collins made one of the covers.  So who are the other 4 athletes? Check it out…

NBA: Surprised? Jason Collins Says One NBA Player Is Heckling Him For Being Gay

This story does not surprise me at all. For all the love and support Brooklyn Nets player Jason Collins has gotten for coming out and being the first openly gay player to play a major sport in America, there was bound to be ignorant people who didn’t support him as well. According to Collins, one very specific player has continued to hurl slurs and other disrespectful talk towards him. Collins for his part seems to just brush it off but it has to bother him somewhat.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets Sign Jason Collins For Rest Of Season

After giving Jason Collins two separate 10 day contracts, the Brooklyn Nets have decided to sign him for the rest of the season and playoffs. He hasn’t played much but when he has been on the court he has at least been able to be somewhat of a defensive presence and use up all his fouls, which does come in handy. It seems like the buzz about him being gay has finally faded and he is just being looked at as a basketball player.

NBA: One Day Out & Jason Collins Has The Hottest Jersey on the Market!

This is so great to see!  Fans are really embracing Jason Collins.  This past weekend when the Nets signed Jason, he became the first openly gay NBA player.  Yesterday his jersey hit the market and it’s a HUGE hit.  Seeeee isn’t love better & easier than hate?! Hit the jump for details…

NBA: Nets to Sign Jason Collins Making Him the First Openly Gay NBA Player

The Brooklyn Nets had a free roster spot and wanted to fill it with Glen Davis but since he decided to sign with the LA Clippers they then turned to Jason Collins.

NBA: Deron Williams Admits Signing Jason Collins Would Be a ‘Media Circus’

The Brooklyn Nets have an additional roster spot and have been surveying the market.  One of the available players they’ve shown interest in is Jason Collins.  Collins is now most famously known for coming out as the first active gay player in an interview with Sports Illustrated.  He’s been unemployed and some people think it’s because players can’t handle being around a gay player in close quarters while others think it’ll be too much of a distraction surrounding the team; Nets star Deron Williams seems to be in the latter part of that group.

NBA: Report, Brooklyn Nets Considering Signing First Openly Gay NBA Player

Reports have surfaced that as early as today, the Brooklyn Nets could sign Jason Collins to a contract. Normally this would not be news since Collins is pretty washed up, but since Collins was the first player in the history of major sports in America to come out and say he is gay, it obviously makes this a bigger deal. The Nets are considering giving him a 10 day contract to see how it goes and to see how he can help them. His game isn’t much at this point, but because of his size, he may be able to fill in for a few minutes here and there to give Kevin Garnett and some of the other front court players some rest. The Nets worked him out a few days ago and said he was in pretty good shape. Collins played for the New Jersey Nets for the first six years of his career. Hit the jump.

(Video) Sports: Jason Collins Now Plays in a Gay Kickball League

It may not be the NBA, but at least he’s keeping himself busy.  While Jason Collins is still hoping to land with an NBA team this season, he’s staying in shape by joining a gay kickball league.  He’s on “Team Twerk.”  This twerking thing is so out of control. Lol. Details after the jump..

NBA: Remember That Awkward Moment at The VMAs?! A$AP Rocky Apologizes To Jason Collins

Sooo remember that awkward moment when the first openly gay NBA player, Jason Collins, and A$AP Rocky appeared at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (you can watch the video here)?!   Everyone on Twitter had all kinds of jokes.  Well A$AP Rocky is speaking out on what happened and is apologizing to Jason. Check out what he had to say…

(Video) NBA: Lol, Awkward?! A$AP Rocky Points at Jason Collins When He Says Homosexuality

There were all kinds of jokes on Twitter after the first openly gay NBA player, Jason Collins, and A$AP Rocky appeared on the VMAs last night. They introduced Macklemore’s gay-rights anthem, “Same Love.” A$AP looked uncomfortable with the situation and when it was his time to do the introduction, it got … awkward. Jason’s face was priceless. A lot of people on Twitter thought A$AP was about to come out. The jokes were endless on Twitter. Check it out…

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