NBA: LOL Giannis Antetokounmpo Googled Jason Kidd’s Career After Kidd Benched Him

Back in April 2015, Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd hit then-rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo with the dreaded “DNP-CD,” which is “do not play – coach’s decision.”  Giannis had no idea why Kidd benched him, and all Kidd would say is that it’s the coach’s decision.  Giannis was so upset, he looked up Kidd’s career to see what he accomplished that would give him the audacity to bench the young rising star.  After reviewing the information, Giannis did a complete 180.

NBA: You Might Be Surprised At Who Lebron James Says Would Be His Dream Teammate

When you ask someone like Lebron James who he wishes he could have been teammates with you might expect to hear names like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, maybe even Carmelo or Kevin Durant. He has already played with some great stars like Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love but Bron actually has one other player that he really wishes he could have been teammates with. That player is none other than one of the best point guards of all time in Jason Kidd!

(Video) NBA: Jason Kidd Gets Ejected For Furiously Slapping Ball Out of Refs Hands!

Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd was not happy with referee Zach Zarba during the Bucks loss to the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night.  Kidd was furious and swatted the ball out of Zarba’s hands which of course resulted in him immediately getting tossed out of the game.  He had to be restrained by players as he was escorted off the court and back into the locker room.

(Photos) NBA: Jason Kidd Finally Attends Fan’s Birthday Party 14 Years After He Was Invited

So this story has been circulating and it certainly seems like one of those heartwarming, feel good stories until you get a couple of the facts.  When Daniel Marks was 10 years old, he wrote his favorite NBA player, Jason Kidd, a letter. The letter addressed to Jason “Da Bomb” Kidd was full of unabashed, earnest praise, as only a young, devout fan could dish out. It also included an invitation to his birthday party, naturally.  Kidd couldn’t make it at the time but 14 years later, he showed up to the fan’s birthday party.  But there’s more.

NBA: Byron Scott on Jason Kidd: “He was kind of known as being an a**hole”

Byron Scott was the coach of the New Jersey Nets for three-and-a-half seasons from 2000-2004.  He helped guide the team to two trips to the NBA Finals and on that team was Jason Kidd.  Scott was fired midseason in January 2004 and one of the reported reasons was an issue with Kidd, who at the time was the team’s most prominent star player.  Fast forward a decade and the relationship remains cordial, but with the Lakers in Milwaukee to take on the Bucks, Byron Scott on Jason Kidd was open and honest about the way things currently stand.

NBA: Jason Kidd Gives His Players Written Tests on Game Days

Rumblings that Kidd’s job was in jeopardy last December led him to seek more power within the organization to solidify his position once the season was finished, and when that didn’t go over well with the folks in the Nets front office, the Bucks swooped in and scooped him up.  Milwaukee has been better than expected to start the season, and currently sits at .500 in sixth place in the East. And the unique way in which Kidd prepares his players certainly has something to do with it.

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