NBA: A Title Doesn’t Come Cheap, Mikhail Prokhorov Paying NBA Record For Nets New Roster

On Thursday the Brooklyn Nets revealed their latest additions, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry.  The trade with the Boston Celtics vamped up the new look Nets but it came at a price.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: The Nets Should Of Told Jason Terry To Shutup Before Making This Guarantee

Nothing like a guarantee from a player who is going to be coming off the bench and won’t be held liable as much as other players if his guarantee doesn’t work out. As if the Nets already don’t have enough pressure on them going into next season after the moves they made recently, Jason Terry decided it was time to open his mouth. Hit the jump to see who else he put pressure on.

(Video) NBA: Iman Shumpert Mocks Jason Terry’s Jet Celebration

Jason Terry was cleared for takeoff during the Celtics game 5 against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.  He was seen doing his infamous Jet simulation as he knocked down five three-pointers.  Last night as the Knicks trumped the Celtics and eliminated them from the playoffs, Iman Shumpert got his revenge.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: Trash Talk Continues! JR Smith Doesn’t Know Who Jason Terry Is & Terry Responds To Kenyon Martin!

And the trash talk continues! Sorry Jason Terry, but after tomorrow night – you’re finished!!! #KNICKS!!! #KnicksTape #GoNYGoNYGo Yesterday Kenyon Martin addressed Jason Terry’s trash talk from game 4 – today JR Smith chimed in about missing game 4 and took a jab at Terry  & then Terry of course responded back to Kenyon’s funeral talk. Who need soaps when you have the NBA playoffs?!  Details after the jump…

NBA: Kenyon Martin Responds To Jason Terry Trash Talk & Tells Knicks To Prepare For a Funeral

Gotta love some good trash talk before a big playoff game to hype up the fans (and players)!  Knicks’ Kenyon Martin told his teammates after yesterday’s game to prepare for a Celtics funeral. Report after the jump…

(Video) NBA: J.R Smith Suspended for Elbowing Jason Terry, Is the League Becoming Too Soft?

As many suspected would happen, J.R Smith was suspended for one game following an elbow thrown to the head of Jason Terry during the Knicks game 3 against the Boston Celtics.  The foul was ruled a flagrant two and Smith was ejected from the game.  While Smith did throw an elbow, many thought it was a big acting job and flop on Terry’s part.  So is the NBA becoming too soft?  Read more after the jump.

(Video) NBA: J.R Smith Ejected For Elbowing Jason Terry in the Face

The New York Knicks dominated the Boston Celtics last night defeating them 90-76 and going up 3-0 in the playoff series.  Things got testy however between J.R Smith and Jason Terry resulting in Smith’s ejection.  Read more after the jump.

(Video) NBA: Jason Terry Says Get Your A** Up If Bone Ain’t Sticking Out After Courtney Lee Sprains His Ankle

I’m not an athlete but I”ve sprained my ankle before and it’s pretty painful.  The Celtics however showed very little sympathy for Courtney Lee when he sprained his ankle during the Celtics loss to the Dallas Mavericks last night.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: Jason Terry Says He Doesn’t Like the Heat & Lebron Couldn’t Handle Him

Jason Terry made it quite clear that he wasn’t impressed with the Miami Heat’s win streak which is now at 25 consecutive games.  The Boston Celtics had a chance to break the streak but instead gave up a big lead and Terry was on the receiving end of a Lebron poster that no one will ever forget.  Still a true competitor, that hasn’t stopped Terry from firing off at the mouth.  Read more after the jump.

NBA:(Photo) Jason Terry Tells Which Meme He Liked Most About Being Dunked On By Lebron

It is good to see Jason Terry is being a good sport about being destroyed by Lebron earlier this week with a crazy dunk. I mean he really has no choice but to take it all in fun, cause I mean there is nothing he can really say or do to change the fact he got posterized in a major way. He said alot of the memes he saw about the dunk were funny, but one in particular stood out. Check out which one it was after the jump in the gallery. It definitely was more of the funnier ones.

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