NBA: Is He Right?! Jason Terry & Brandon Knight Praised By Mark Cuban For Trying To Defend Dunks

I’m not sure what to think here.  My gut said that Jason Terry and Brandon Knight should have just moved out of the way.  They both got embarrassed when they got posterized (Terry by LeBron & Knight by DeAndre Jordan).  Well there is someone that is praising both of them for getting dunked on because they didn’t back down and played the game.  I guess the man has a point!  Check out what Mark Cuban had to say about the dunks & let us know what you think….

NBA: DAMN! LeBron James Watches His Dunk on Jason Terry & Talks Trash! Jason Terry Also Reflects on Dunk!

I like seeing this side of LeBron!  I actually appreciate it when people keep it real and that’s just what LBJ is doing!  Check out what LeBron had to say about his monster dunk on Jason Terry after getting a chance to watch it….AND what Jason Terry (who normally talks a lot of sh*t) also had to say -or not say- about it.

(PHOTO) NBA Jokes: LMAO! Damn! There Was Some Funny Business Behind LeBron’s Dunk on Jason Terry!

Oh I just love how Twitter keeps me entertained.  People are madd creative on there. Lol. The sports world is still talking about LeBron’s dunk on Jason Terry from last night and it seems as if there WAS a motivation behind LeBron’s monster move!  Hmmmmm…

(Video) NBA: DeAndre Jordan Reacts To LeBron’s Dunk on Jason Terry! LeBron Then Responds To DeAndre!

After LeBron destroyed Jason Terry with a monster alley-oop dunk, fans immediately started comparing LeBron’s dunk on Terry to DeAndre Jordan’s dunk on Brandon Knight. Well DeAndre took to Twitter a short time after the dunk and shared his thoughts. LeBron was asked about DeAndre’s tweet after the game. Check out what they both had to say…

(PHOTOS) NBA: LMAO, RIP Jason Terry! Check Out These Memes & What They Did To His Wikipedia Page!

Oh yes, you saw this coming. Jerry Terry is getting the Brandon Knight treatment. After LeBron posterized Terry – the memes started instantly and of course Terry’s Wikipedia’s page was updated with his time of death by the hands of LeBron James. Lol. Check out his Wiki page and some of the hilarious memes…

(VIDEO) NBA: Jet Grounded! LeBron DESTROYS Jason Terry With Dunk!! Follows With The Stare Down!

My lawd! Why Jason Terry why?! Why would you even attempt that?! MOVE! Last night LeBron James had the sports world going crazy after Bron destroyed Jason Terry with an insane alley-oop dunk! Not that it could get much worse, but LeBron gave Terry a nice stare down after the posterizing dunk — which lead to the refs handing Bron a technical for taunting. SMH. LOL. Check it out…

NBA: Celtics Not Impressed by Heat’s Win Streak Hope’s They Lose Every Game the Rest of the Season

The Miami Heat won their 21st consecutive game last night which is the third longest streak in NBA history.  While many are in the awe of the seemingly unbeatable team, the Boston Celtics are not impressed.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: Teams Inquiring About a Possible Jason Terry Trade From the Celtics

With both Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger out for the season, NBA GM’s are swarming trying to take what’s left of the Celtics as it is believed they’ll go into rebuilding mode.  While there’s been many reports about possible trades for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, a new name has been added to the list.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: Really?! Rajon Rondo Has A Crazy Pre-Game Ritual!

I actually enjoy watching or finding out what players pre-game rituals are.  It gives some insight on the individual.  Apparently Rajon Rondo has a pre-game ritual that he does before every game – home or away and it’s kinda long and crazy.  Check out how teammate Jason Terry describes it… GameTimeGirl

(Video) NBA: Jason Terry Takes Shot At Ray Allen & LeBron James While Praising Paul Pierce!

While praising Paul Pierce for his 40 point game last night in a post game interview, Jason Terry took the opportunity to throw a couple jabs towards Ray Allen and LeBron James way. Check out the quote and the video (with his little wink) after the jump & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

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