(Video) Baltimore Teacher Charged With Child Abuse After Reportedly Breaking A 7-Year-Old’s Jaw

A Baltimore teacher is now being charged with child abuse after he reportedly broke a 7-year-old’s jaw. This is terrible. Imagine getting this call from your child’s school. I would have to hurt someone for real. This is truly unacceptable. The mother of Travon Grayson, Lateekqua Jackson, says her son told her the teacher threw him into the wall. She says her son has nightmares of the horrible incident. Grayson’s jaw was broken two of his teeth were missing.

(Video) Pranks Gone Wrong: THIS Is What Happens When You Play With The Wrong ONE!!!

This picture should be easily recognized. One guy got his internet fame at the expense of his jaw. A corny prank on the wrong crowd gained him a right hook to the face, a fall to the ground, and eventually stitches. Check it out after the jump.

NBA: JR Smith Breaks Cheekbone & Will Have To Wear A Mask

Good gracious, another Knicks injury?!  At least this time, he can still play — but with a mask.  The team announced that J.R. Smith suffered a small fracture in his left cheekbone during Sunday’s game.  He is expected to play Wednesday, but he will be rocking a protective mask.  This should be great. Lol.  Hit the jump for more details…

Say What?! Zac Efron Says He Broke His Jaw By Doing WHAT?!

So according to Zac Efron, who has been dealing with a huge drug habit for years, claims he fell in a puddle outside of his mansion and broke his jaw. He’s currently stuck with a wired shut jaw and a huge gash mark on his face from the alleged fall. Not to mention Zac checked himself into rehab for his cocaine habit twice already this year. Hmmmmmm…. Do we believe his fishy story?

(Caught on Tape!) NASCAR: Driver’s Girlfriend Slaps Rival & Reportedly Dislocates His Jaw

It got crazy! I don’t keep up with Nascar, but for you that like drama it’s there. “Mad” Max Papis got slapped by Mike Skeen’s girlfriend and apparently she dislocated his jaw. Yikes. Check out what happened after the jump…

NFL Legend Announces He Has Cancer

You never want to hear about someone getting cancer, we are sending our thoughts & prayers his way.  Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly says he has been diagnosed with cancer in his upper jaw bone and will have surgery on Friday.  Report after the jump…

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