Craig Ferguson Ends ‘Late Late Show’ After 10 Years With Guest Jay Leno!

Craig Ferguson ended his ‘Late Late Show’ after 10 years. Jay Leno was the special guest of the night. Read more on the story below!

(Video) Watch As Billy Crystal, Oprah & Kim Kardashian – YES, Kim – Serenade Jay Leno!

“I bid you all a heartfelt good-bye.” – Johnny Carson Jay Leno ended a 20+ year stint with the quote from the famous late night host. After thanking all of the writers, producers and especially the fans, Garth Brooks performed a farewell track. The highlight of the evening was a tribute from Billy Crystal, Jack Black, Carol Burnett, Oprah KIM KARDASHIAN and more. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) 2 Chainz Performs “Outroduction” On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [LIVE]

2 Chainz changes up the pace since his stop in New York for the 2 Good 2 Be T.R.U. tour. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will be replacing Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and while Jay had a tear-jerking departure, 2 Chainz’ performance of, “Outroduction” on Fallon was a little bit more up-lifting.

Tearful Jay Leno Says Goodbye After 22-Years Of ‘The Tonight Show’

Oprah, Jack Black and Kim serenade a tearful Jay Leno with Sound of Music’s So Long, Farewell as stars line up to say their goodbyes to TV host on his last episode of The Tonight Show after 22 years. Except for Conan O’Brien’s brief tenure from 2009-2010, Leno had been the Tonight Show host since 1992. Jimmy Fallon’s first Tonight Show will air February 17. Wish them the both best of luck!

Coming To A Close Tonight: Jay Leno’s Final Goodbye To ‘The Tonight Show’ …Fallon Takes Over On Monday!

After more than 20 years hosting the best of late-night television, Jay Leno steps off “The Tonight Show” stage in Burbank, Calif., for the final time Thursday night. Tonight, Leno, 63, offers his second goodbye. Once again, he’s giving up the Tonight Show to a younger host 39-year-old Jimmy Fallon, who starts Feb. 17. We wish the both of them the best of luck!

(Video) Miley Cyrus Giving Justin Bieber Advice?!

Of all the folk to give Justin Bieber advice, Jay Leno asked Miley Cyrus (by the way, the two looked like rodeo twins – in the gallery)! Wild child. Although what Miley does in, “California” won’t fly in Jersey or New York, it’s still legal. Besides that, what she says actually makes some sense. Listen to the sound advice, after the jump.

(Video) Jay Leno Once Spun Out In A Porche Similar To Paul Walker’s …Except He Was Doing 182 MPH!

Jay Leno knows the thrill and dangers of driving a Porsche Carrera GT, similar to the one that Paul Walker died in. One day Jay he lost control of one while driving at 182 MPH!! In 05, Leno climbed behind the wheel of a 605 horsepower, V-10 GT trying to set a speed record at Talladega Motor Speedway. At the time, the car costed $448K. MotorTrend reported that Leno was SPEEDING THROUGH! Claiming he was going faster than 180 MPH when he lost control of the Porsche and spun out. He was spinning across the track five times before hitting the infield grass. Luckily, Leno managed to avoid hitting any walls …. and there was hardly a scratch on the car and none of him. Pro driver David Donohue, who was there that day, told MotorTrend Leno had gotten too close to a wall … causing the car to lift. He says it shows just how sensitive the Carrera GT when you go fast. Afterward, Leno described it as “kinda like driving on ice. It was alright. It looked exciting!”

(Check The Pics!) Christina Aguilera Flaunts Her Super Slim Figure In A Sexy Sailor’s Uniform!

Christina Aguilera performs on the Thanksgiving special of The Tonight Show, slipping back into her sailors uniform from her Candyman days. Christina belted out her 2007 hit Candyman on the show, which was recorded on Wednesday in time to air on Thanksgiving. See her in her sexy outfit below!

(Video) Kim Kardashian Opens Up About How Cruel Words About Her Pregnancy “Hurt My Soul”

People weren’t exactly kind to Kim Kardashian during her pregnancy, with headlines like “Kim Can’t Stop Eating” and memes pairing her with whales, couches and the like circulating social media during the 9 months. Sitting down with Jay Leno last night, the reality star revealed the negative talk “hurt my soul,” and she now plans to be way more private because of it. I’m not sure how “private” last week’s butt selfie was, but it’s your world, Kimmie! Check out the full clip below. Do you believe her?

Christina Aguilera Refuses To Do What?

Christina Aguilera refuses to go on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show for any promotional appearances. Though she’s open to his competition Jay Leno, Chrissy fears Kimmel would ask her “uncomfortable questions” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Christina is deathly afraid of being asked about her divorce and weight and feels that Jimmy, even though he has invited her on many times, is going to go for the jugular and ambush her if she sat down on his show,” a source said. “Christina is irrationally afraid about being asked about [her weight loss and divorce]! They’re awkward questions!” I’d be more afraid of someone like Chelsea Handler than Kimmel. What do you think?

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