‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Arrested After Arguing With Boyfriend?

Jenelle Evans is best known for her bad girl rep on MTV’s show ‘Teen Mom’; from constantly cursing out her mom, or dipping into trouble with the law and ex boyfriend Keefer. Well it seems like Jennelle is back to her same tactics as she has recently been arrested for cursing out her husband from their home window! hit the jump for more!

Riiight: Jenelle Evans Says The Heroin Isn’t Hers

Following her arrest for assault against her husband earlier this week, former “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans is taking the usual route of denying the drugs found in her house at the time of the arrest were hers. Jenelle says she had “no idea” that the 12 bindles of heroin and Percocets were in the house at all, and they definitely don’t belong to her. She and her lawyer fully expect to beat that charge. Good luck with that one, boo.

(Photos) MTV’s Teen Mom Arrested, YET AGAIN!

Talk about an embarrassment of a mother! Jenelle Evans has no respect for herself or the son that she decided to publicize for the world to see when she signed up for MTV’s “Teen Mom.” The girl has gotten herself arrested yet again, along with her beau Courtland Rogers. She needs to go in the record books or something along with Shermain Miles. Drop down bottom to see what she’s done now.

SMH: Jenelle Evans’ Husband Arrested For Assaulting Her

Sadly, this comes as no surprise from troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. After skipping a court date and being on the run since mid-February, Jenelle Evans‘ estranged husband Courtland Rogers was arrested yesterday. Details below.

(Video) Jenelle Evans’ Husband Caught Snorting Heroin, Says She Was Using Drugs During Pregnancy

You ever heard the saying “sleeping with the enemy” well in this case that is exactly what happens. Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans estranged husband has been caught snorting heroin on camera. He on the other hand threw her under the bus and said she was using drugs while she was pregnant. Click below to see the video.

(Video) Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans Sniffing Heroin During Pregnancy ???

Could this be staged ??? Jenelle’s husband, Courtland Rogers in on FILM snorting that white drug and then he puts Jenelle on blast. According to Courtland, Jenelle was also snorting heroin, but while pregnant, which is the reason that she miscarried in the first place. DAMN! He is high himself, but do you not realize that whomever the camera woman is, is recording you. Drop down bottom and check out the video.

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