Sports: Manziel And Wade On Clearance

So you know that Johnny Manziel has really been showing out lately. Also, Dwayne Wade recently chose to leave the Miami Heat for his home city of Chicago. Well…jersey prices reflect these decisions.

(Photos) NBA: League Votes To Allow Ad’s On Jerseys, Twitter Already Has Jokes About How They Will Look

Not surprisingly, the NBA voted last night to allow teams to wear an advertising patch on the front of their jersey, starting with the 2017-2018 season. Each team will be responsible for selling their own ad space, which will be a 2.5-inch-by-2.5-inch space opposite the NBA logo.

(Photos) NFL: After Hiring Chip Kelly, 49ers Take All Colin Kaepernick Merchandise Off Clearance

Colin Kaepernick’s career in San Francisco was pretty much left for dead this past season. With the departure of coach Jim Harbaugh, Kap’s play severely declined. Harbaugh was the main guy who believed in him and worked with him and it gave him confidence. Without that system in place, Kap’s lack of certain skills really showed in what became a very disappointing season that eventually led to him being replaced. The team itself even put his jerseys and other merchandise on the clearance rack because nobody seemed to care anymore. Well the hiring of Chip Kelly may change things for Kap and his future for the better but it already is changing things off the field.

(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook Unveil New OKC Alternate Jerseys For This Season

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s team icon already doesn’t make much sense seeing as they are the “Thunder” but their design is just a lazy basketball with patterns around it. Not to be outdone, their new alternate jerseys for the 2015-16 season almost don’t make as much sense. The players showed them off today and they look closer to Knicks jerseys than OKC colors. The best thing about these pics might be the Jordan’s Russell is wearing. What you guys think?

(Photos) NBA: Drake Unveils New Raptors Jerseys During #OVOFest

While Drake was busy last night at #OVOFest trying to put the final nail in Meek Mill’s metaphorical coffin, he was doing it in style, unveiling the new alternate Raptors jerseys for next NBA Season.

(Photos) Soccer: Beyonce Shares Pic Of Her And Blue Ivy’s Soccer Jerseys During World Cup!

It looks like everyone was feeling in the spirit over this 4th of July weekend. During the Women’s World Cup Finals, yesterday, Beyonce took to Instagram to show her support for the United States!

(Photos) NBA: Are The Clippers About To Change Their Uniform To These Hideous Samples?

The Los Angeles Clippers have had the same uniform setup for a long time now. Most NBA fans like their jerseys with the red, white and blue combos and when Jersey’s were in style as far as fashion, the Clippers was easily one of the more popular ones. There is nothing wrong with wanting to change things up a bit, but the new rumored Clippers jerseys are downright hideous and NOBODY has said anything positive yet.

(Photos) NCAA: Why The New Fashionable College Jerseys Are Actually Causing Problems

There’s a saying in sports: “You can’t tell the players without a scorecard.” With the uniforms being worn by some NCAA teams these days, you can’t tell the players even with a scorecard. The problem is so prevalent that Ira Thor, sports information director at Division III New Jersey City University, created a slideshow presentation that has been circulated nationally. The presentation includes photo galleries of difficult-to-read jerseys in 10 NCAA sports from all divisions.

(Photo) NBA: Guess What Paul George Did With All Of His Old #24 Jerseys

The injured Pacers star recently changed his number from 24 to 13 and ended up buying out the old jerseys. Hit the jump for details.

(PHOTOS) 2014 NBA Christmas Jerseys Unveiled!

It looks like all the complaining worked last season!  The 2014 NBA Christmas jerseys have been unveiled … and guess what they don’t have?!  Sleeves!! Check it out & let us know what you think…

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