NBA: Ray Allen Reportedly Considering Retirement

Ray Allen is one of the most sought after guards this season, with veteran leadership and a lethal three point shot, he would serve as a strong asset to any team. Many reports are indicating that Allen is thinking about retiring. Hit the jump for details.

(PHOTOS) NBA First Look: Ray Allen To Rock Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey

Thanks Spike!  How dope is this???  The Heat will be wearing nicknames on their jerseys for a couple games and thanks to Spike Lee, we got a first look at Ray Allen’s jersey!  Check it out…

NBA: WOW, Kobe Bryant Was Supposed To Be The Star Of Which Classic Sports Movie??

Kobe Bryant sure didn’t need a movie role to make him famous, but it would of been dope to see him in the role. The lead role in the classic basketball movie “He Got Game” was initially offered to him by director Spike Lee. Kobe turned it down and Ray Allen wound up getting the lead. People to this day still joke about Allen’s acting skills, but I think he did a decent job. I doubt Kobe would of been any better of an actor. I wonder how the movie would of done in the box office if Kobe accepted the offer. Hit the jump to see what he said.

NBA: Guess Which Player LeBron James Calls Jesus?!

When I first heard this story, I had to sit there and think who the hell would LeBron actually call Jesus?!  Then I had the ‘Ahh ha’ moment. Can you think of who it is?!  I’ll give you a hint: it’s a current teammate.  Got it yet?!  If not, hit the jump…

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