(Video) Jesus Take The Wheel: Jason Derulo Talks Near Death Experience?!

Jason Derulo must have definitely had a guardian angel during this freak accident! The singer opened up about a nearly fatal injury, breaking his neck, prior to becoming famous. Derulo said that he broke his neck in what doctors refer to as the “hangman’s break”, the fracture that is responsible for death during a hanging. Wow! His recovery truly sounds like a miracle in itself. To check out what Jason Derulo had to say about his near death experience, click below.

(Video) Alleged Satanic Sex Abuse Daycare Owner Released From Prison!!

A Texas woman was released from jail after 21 years over claims of sexually abusing children in sinister satanic rituals. 63 year old Frances Keller was freed on Tuesday night after the case against her fell apart due to a botched medical testimony. Her husband is also expected to be released. The couple were convicted in 1992 after sexually abusing a 3 year old toddler at their daycare in Austin. There were also allegations that the Kellers dismembered corpses, served blood drinks to the children under their care, and trafficked infants to Mexico to be raped by soldiers. SMH! This is a sick, sad world. To see footage of the case, click below.

(Photos) Jesus Take The Wheel: Suicide Bomber Kills 35 In Iraq!

In a suicide bomber crashed his explosive filled car into a busy cafe in Baghdad, Iraq on Sunday night. The explosion killed 35 people and wounded 45. The area is a popular hang out for the young crowd, who filled the streets at the time of the incident. To read more, click below.

(Photos) SMH: American Al Qaeda Flunkie Gets BUSTED!

25 year old Marcos Alonso Zea was arrested this morning on multiple terrorist charges at his parents’ Long Island home. Authorities claim that Zea, who was born here in America, had plans on joining an al Qaeda terrorist group in Yemen. Smh! To read more, click below.

(Video) Beating On School Bus Leaves Student Bloody, Driver Does Nothing!

SMH! Things just keep getting worst for kids these days. Students were taking a school bus in Harrisburg, PA, when a bully started beating on two teens. As the attack took place right behind the driver, the man did not intervene nor respond to the teenagers pleas to get off the buss. To see the footage, click below.

(Video) Jesus Take The Wheel! Juvenile Laughs While Receiving 2nd Life Sentence!

Nicholas Lindsey, who was charged for killing a police officer, received his 1st life sentence last year. Afterwards, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to life in prison with out parole. Recently, Lindsey had his another hearing and was sentenced for a second time to life in prison. To see news coverage of the trial, click below.

(Photos) Jesus Take The Wheel: Mom & 3 Children Die In L.I. Fire!

A tragic house fire in Suffolk County, claimed the lives of a mother and her children last night. 41 year old Jennifer McCusker, her 2-year-old twins, Brendan and Ava Mistretta and her 7-year-old son Aidan Tarbell, were in the home on Hollywood Drive at the time of the fire. SMH. This is extremely sad, especially with the holidays coming up. To read more, click below.

(Video) Jesus Take The Wheel! Terrorists Planning Another Airline Attack?!

A recent incident that occurred on a flight from Washington to Florida may indicate terrorists are still running practice runs before they carry out their insidious plots. A letter sent by the US Airline Pilots Association, warns pilots and reminds them to review safety procedures. To see coverage of the incident that has airlines nervous, click below.

(Video) Innocent Man Is Serving 40 Years In Jail Because Of WHAT?!

SMH! An innocent man is serving 40 years in jail after his friend implicated him in a murder. Despite no physical evidence, witnesses or a confession – Ryan Ferguson was convicted at 19 years old and thus far, has served 10 years of his sentence. To see Nightline’s segment on him, click below.

(Photos) Jesus Take The Wheel! Teen Commits Suicide Because Of WHAT?!

15 year old Christian Adamek committed suicide after learning he may be registered on the Alabama sex offender list for pulling a streaking prank at a high school football game. On September 27th, cops arrested Adamek after he ran across the football field completely naked. Under Alabama law, the teen would be listed as a sex offender if found guilty of indecent exposure. SMH! To read more, click below.

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