(Video) Conor McGregor Curses Out Paparazzi After ‘Jesus’ Question

UFC Champion Conor McGregor isn’t in the best of moods after another opponent just dropped out to fight him. After paparazzi tries to ask the fighter a couple questions, he keeps the answers black and white. Hit the jump.

(Video) Guess Who Big Boi Says Saved His Marriage!

After Big Boi’s wife, Sharlita Patton, filed for divorce last October, Big Boi announced last week that his divorce is officially over. TMZ caught up with the rapper and congratulated him on reconciling with his wife, and you won’t believe who he said saved his marriage.

(PICS) Check Out This Mural Of A Crucified Kanye West In LA

“Jesus, Ima Let You Finish, But I Have The Best Crucifixion Of All Time” You read it right, someone in LA painted a mural of a crucified Kanye West. The mural is strikingly similar to the image of Jesus being crucified, only difference is Kanye is wearing what looks like to be a pair of chucks. ( Wouldn’t you think he would have on Yeezy’s?) If you want to check out the blasphemous pic, hit the jump.

(Video) Artist Is Offered Chicken Dinners As A Payment To Perform!?

A popular singer was once offered chicken dinners as a payment to perform. Find out who below!

(Photos) Beyonce Causes Controversy, Sparks More Illuminati Talk and Upsets Fans With Instagram Post

Beyonce has upset fans and sparked Illuminati talk once again with her latest Instagram post, though I really think everyone is ridiculous and just overreacting. The singer, who fans adoringly refer to as “Beysus,” posed in front of Leonardo DaVinci’s famous “The Last Supper” painting, which would be fine — but she is blocking Jesus’ position in the picture, and everyone is going insane. Talk of “disrespecting Christianity” and the like are filling the photo’s comment section. This is the second controversy Bey is facing this week alone, as just the other day, she caught some backlash from NASA and the families of the Challenger’s fallen astronauts for using audio from the 1986 Challenger accident in her music video for “XO.” Do you think Bey was wrong for this pic? Let us know in the comments!

(Video) Fox News Megyn Kelly Won’t Apologize For Declaring Jesus & Santa Claus Could Only Be White?!

SMH at Fox News, why do you still have this lady on air? Fox New’s anchor, Megyn Kelly, refuses to apologize for her racist and hurtful comments she made live on air on Wednesday. Kelly declared to children that she was tired of hearing about an option to make Santa Claus, black or white, and declared that Kris Kringle himself could only be white . . . Oh and Jesus too! Instead of apologizing, she went on to defend herself as a victim and said that Fox News is always a target. Kelly also said that she was trying to bring humor to the show and said her comment fell onto the ears of humorless people. To see Megyn Kelly’s “Santa Claus” segment, click below.

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