Boxing: Uhhh, What?! R. Kelly Compares Chris Brown To Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr. & Jesus

FOH!  What in the world in R. Kelly talking about?!  Can somebody please go & check on this guy???  He may have had a tad too much.  SMH.  I know he was trying to make a point, but this was a horrible comparison. While I have lots of love for Chris Brown, you can NOT compare him (or Kells) to the things Muhammad Ali & Martin Luther King Jr. have done & accomplished — oh and let’s not forget JESUS.  Huh?! Nah famo. Check out his quote & let us know what you think…

NFL: Adrian Peterson Is Sipping Some Of That Jesus Juice?

Adrian Peterson has been a harsh opponent of players in the NFL using PED’s to get ahead. Many wondered how he recovered from a severe knee injury to come back and have one of the greatest seasons a running back has ever had in NFL history. Well if you let him tell it, Juicing on Jesus is what helped him. Confused? Hit the jump.

(Photos) Who Does Scott Disick Think He Is?! Apparently Jesus!

Scott Disick has clearly been hanging around Kanye too long because now he is comparing himself to… JESUS?! Hit the gallery to check the flick he posted of the Kardashian clan at their “last supper.”

NBA: Guess Which Player LeBron James Calls Jesus?!

When I first heard this story, I had to sit there and think who the hell would LeBron actually call Jesus?!  Then I had the ‘Ahh ha’ moment. Can you think of who it is?!  I’ll give you a hint: it’s a current teammate.  Got it yet?!  If not, hit the jump…

(Video) NFL: Jesus Visits Tim Tebow in Controversial SNL Skit

Everyone knows that Tim Tebow is a devout Christian.  After his wins he usually thanks God and during games you can see him kneeling down to pray which started the “tebowing” trend.  Tebow isn’t the conventional quarterback and leaves everybody wondering how exactly he pulls off these 4th quarter comebacks.  Many people even attribute it to divine intervention.  Well of course SNL had to make a skit playing on the phenomenon and of course anything centered around religion becomes a bit controversial.  Check the skit out after the jump. @Shay_Marie x @gametimegirl

(Video) Lol, Metta World Peace Totally Ignores Question & Thanks Jesus For The Way Teeth Work

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Melissa Rohlin of Lakers Now, the Los Angeles Times Lakers blog asked Lakers forward Metta World Peace (aka Ron Artest) about how teammates are reacting to his new name. She asked why rookies call him “Metta” and veterans call him “Ron.” Check his response after the jump…it has absolutely nothing to do with what she asked. How can you not like this guy? Lol – At least he keeps us entertained.

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