(Video) CNN Headline ‘Alt-Right Founder Questions If Jews Are People’ .. Twitter Goes Crazy

Twitter exploded after a CNN segment included the headline that read “Alt-Right Founder Questions If Jews Are People.” The headline was featured on a show that included CNN host Jim Sciutto speaking on Donald Trump’s transition to the presidency, and whether the president-elect should formally denounce his supporters from the alt-right.

(Audio) Everyday Racism With BlackRicanJew & Ebro: FDNY Commissioner’s Son Tweets WHAT ?!?!

That’s RACIST! When you’re a person sitting behind a computer screen or posting from your phone, you have no muzzle. To shorten the story, Joseph Cassano is no exception. The son of New York City’s fire department commissioner regularly goes on a rant about Jews and blacks via his twitter page. Disgust in the pit of my stomach. Drop down bottom to see what he had to say about a Jew and his feelings for Martin Luther King’s day. Of course his twitter account is suspended.

Tech Talk News: Orthodox Jews Want to Keep the Internet Kosher!!

The Internet is the world of endless possibilities, some great some filthy. Well some Orthodox Jews want to take a stand on the Internet and make it more Kosher! Umm…Yeah Hit the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

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