(Photo) JFK Airport Evacuated After A Call To 911

Passengers at John F. Kennedy Airport were evacuated out of the airport after one passenger called officials and told them that she saw a man with a gun.

Bomb Scare At JFK Airport

Authorities received information about a bomb being aboard an American Airlines flight. More than 200 people were evacuated from the aircraft. The flight was Flight 67 which departed from Barcelona, Spain and landed at JFK airport a little after noon. After landing the plane was inspected for bombs and two hours later it was all clear. Even though no bomb was present 25 police units, and over 100 firefighters were on call just in case. There is no word yet on who called to report the bomb threat. After passengers were evacuated from the plane they were taken about 300 feet from the airplane and driven in a bus.

Ebola Screenings Have Began In JFK, Other Airports Set To Start Next Week

JFK airport is the new pilot in Ebola screenings which began today, Saturday October 11, 2014. Only about 150 travelers a day will receive the screenings, CDC officials said. “We are setting up protection for people coming into this country as well as Americans.”

(Photos) French Montana Scoops His Wifey Khloe From JFK Airport In His Rolls Royce

Amidst reports French Montana tried to get with a radio intern behind her back (I’m not buying it!), Khloe Kardashian was unfazed as she landed at JFK airport yesterday morning and was scooped up by her rapper beau and his new Rolls Royce. Both parties looked excited to see each other as Khloe returned back to the Big Apple from a quick trip for the fam in L.A., and were later spotted out and about on the streets of NYC running errands together. These two make such a cute couple! Check out a few more paparazzi shots in the gallery!

NY Airport Baggage Handlers Charged With Stealing What From Passengers’ Luggage?!?!

Seven airport baggage handlers working for El Al Airlines in NY have been charged with stealing IPads, IPhones, cash and jewelry from the luggage of passengers’, Hit the jump for the full story!

Boxing: Robert Guerrero Arrested at JFK Airport!

Oh lawd, when will they learn?! SMH. C’mon man, you gotta be smarter than this!!! Boxer Robert Guerrero, who is slated to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 4th was arrested at JFK airport this morning. Details after the jump…

Hmm! Kanye And Kim Pulled Off Plane For Security Issues At JFK Airport!?

Oh the drama! Yesterday Kim and Kanye had some major security problems at the JFK airport, so much so that they were pulled off their flight! The couple flew back from Brazil to JFK to take a connecting flight to L.A when the situation occurred. Click below to find out what exactly happened.

(Photos) Is That Rhianna Rockin’ The Kill ???

Don’t get excited, I’m just talking about the killing of an animal, NOT Karrueche’s clothing line. Lol! The girl undoubtedly has fashion sense. Drop down bottom and check out RiRi leaving JFK airport rockin’ a pair of Tims and what I think could be a fox.

Tech Talk News: FBI Arrest JFK Worker For iPad Mini Heist

The FBI took Renel Rene Richardson into custody today after he became the primary suspect in a case involving 3,600 iPad Mini’s that went missing out of JFK airport just a week ago. Apparently Richardson was inquiring about the apple products and where he might be able to get a fork lift with other employees prior to the heist. The New York Post reports that Richardson was with the authorities as they went in search of the truck used in the heist. Hit the jump for more. Wza

Remembering Flight 587, 10 Years Later

On this 10th anniversary, Flight 587, the second worst aviation disaster in U.S. history, remains the forgotten tragedy, seemingly a footnote to one of the nation’s darkest days. The plane crash and its horrific aftermath came at a time when New York City, and perhaps the nation couldn’t endure more mass grief. Continue reading after the jump. @capriSUNshine

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