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Kanye West And Common Looking To Create 20,000 Jobs For Chicago Youth!


Chitown natives Common and Kanye West have collaborated on their best project yet; the two have joined forces to create over 20,000 jobs for the youth of Chicago!

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Whats The Deal With Employment?


The unemployment rate is the number of people without jobs in the labor force. The unemployment rate went down in January to 6.6 percent, the lowest level since October 2008, from 6.7 percent in December. The government said on Friday that employers added 113,000 jobs in January.

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(Video) Nas Invested In THIS App To Help People Find Jobs!!!

nas invests his money

This is Dope, Nas, yes Nas jumping into the digit game, as an investor and advisor to how the streets are feeling. A company called proven created an App(named the same) designed to help people find and apply for jobs on Craigslist.

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(Photo) Secret Steve Jobs Email Leaks From eBook Case!!!


Remember a couple/few weeks ago Appkle took an L in the eBooks price adjustment case from the DOJ(Dept Of Justice), where Apple was accused of fixing prices to battle Amazon, well this is evidence the DOJ looked at to come up with it’s decision. Hit and See!!

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LinkedIn Now Set To Become The MOST Important Social Media?!


LinkedIn is making it easier than every to apply for jobs. Through the new update users will now be able to apply for jobs straight from the website. How do you feel about applying for jobs via your phone?! See how it works after the jump ..

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Check It Out: Who Is The Least Fun CEO Of All Time????


Ivan Glasenberg who is CEO of a big commodities trading company called “Glencore” hates beaches, celebrations, and taking a time out to spend time with family. Sheesh this guy’s life is all work. Check out what he is interested in though.

Working with Mr. Glasenberg he is only concerned with one thing and that is being the best at what he does. Because of this he pushes his workers to work hard and never celebrate. He does this to impress his investors and let them know his main focus is to be successful. Glasenberg stated “We work we don’t take life easy”, he also has no problem letting go of workers even if they are doing well. All work and no play for this guy.
-Huffington Post

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SMH: America’s Youth Unemployment Rate Is The Worst!!!

youth unemployment

Compared to other wealthy large economies around the world the U.S. is last in youth employment. The reason why many youths across the United States are not being hired is because the job market is very competitive at the moment. Youths coming out of school between the ages of 25 and 34 are competing with those who have recently lost their jobs. Now everyone is fighting for the few positions that are out there leaving the youth of America without a job because most companies will take the experienced over the college graduate with no experience. Check out what else is causing high youth unemployment in America.

In order for more youth to be hired here in the U.S. 4 million jobs would have to be created to be considered on the same level with some of the other wealthy economies around the world. On top of the Youth not being able to find a job, they are also dealing with high student loan debt that has to be paid sooner or later. So because of that debt weight on most youths shoulders they are forced to get jobs that they are way over qualified for and end up making minimum wage to barely get by. Things have to change in this country concerning youth employment fast because studies are already showing that because of the rise in youth unemployment youth crime is beginning to rise.
-Huffington Post

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Surprising Food Item Created 15,000 Jobs Last Year Alone!!!


I grew up on Mexican Food, I’m not the craziest about Taco Bell, but those Doritos Locos Tacos get the seal of approval. Not just because they fused the taste of Doritos with the Taco Bell staple, but because in doing so they were able to create 15,000 jobs and bolster the economy, selling a Doritos locos taco every twelve seconds last year. If they can keep up that kind of prosperity with the new Cool Ranch Taco they are launching that would mean 30,000 jobs and over 700 Million Tacos Sold this year. Even if they can’t sustain the growth, from the looks of it now, Taco Bell Will be having a second legendary year in a row with a clutch marriage to the doritos brand. Plus if it makes our economy stronger I’m all for it. Hit the jump for more.

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Apple Posting Jobs Looking For Help On Their iOS Maps


The joke that is iOS maps is still a mess and Apple is still looking for help to clean up the mess. According to Apple insider Apple has places “seven map-related job listings” on its corporate website, so far no dice. According to the job description Apple is looking for “a computer-vision expert, who will take on improving Flyover, Apple’s 3D terrain visualization feature.” So if your in the market for a new job and have the qualifations I would jump all over this, becuase we all know Apple needs the help.

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Watch The First ‘jOBS’ Movie Clip


The first clip of the Steve Jobs movie hit the net yesterday and Steve Wozniak said he was not happy with the portrayal of himself. It seems some celebs cant handle watching themselves in bio pics. Watch the first clip after the break.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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