(Photo) Joe Budden and Ice-T Pose for a Flick

I’m sort of expecting to spot Coco somewhere in the background posing half-naked LOL. Joe posed with his dog Brooklyn (a one year old cane corso) and rapper Ice-T at his New Jersey home over the winter (I’m assuming from the trees?). Dope! @MarisaMendez

(Video) Joe Budden Performs “Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt 3” at SOB’s

Last night Joe hit the stage at SOB’s with Slaughterhouse and performed his controversial track, Ordinary Love Sh*t 3 for the first time. Check it out after the jump. @MarisaMendez

Tech Talk Q & A: Joe Budden Likes To Be Phoney!!!!

IFWT reaches out from time to time for those important questions…and what’s more important than the technology your favorite artists use?? Joe Budden took time out from being in the Blog Headlines in order to tell us what phone he uses and what he uses it for!!! Hit the jump! @TatWZA

DRAMA!! Joe Budden vs. Esther Baxter…the Songs, the Tweets and Tahiry!!

  If you’re on Twitter at all this morning, you might notice 3 folks on the trending topics: Joe Budden, Esther Baxter and Tahiry. If you don’t know what’s going on, let me clue you in. Take it back a little…we all know Joe Budden is a rapper with a thing for some fineee women. He and Tahiry dated for 5 years and it ultimately ended in a messy, public breakup…being that she’d since became a public figure/model after appearing on many of Joe’s video blogs. They went back and forth on Twitter, songs were made, slander was hashed out…and then Joe started dating video model Esther Baxter. For a while it seemed like a perfect relationship but apparently all good things (or not so good things if you let Joe tell it) must come to an end and now the world is watching as it does so. Read on for details. @MarisaMendez

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