Joe Jackson Hospitalized With High Fever

Joe Jackson has been admitted to the hospital after a routine visit went way left. Jackson was scheduled to take some test when he started to feel weak and struck a high fever during the test.

(Photo) IFWT Remembers The King Of Pop Michael Jackson On His Birthday!

August 29 marks what would have been the Birthday of the late Michael Jackson. Who not only made a impact of America but countries all over the world. Growing up I remembered watching videos on MTV of the crying fans across the world literally fainting an dropping to the floor at the site of the King of Pop. His American Bandstand debut’s as a child, along with his brothers was only the beginning of his legendary life. Michael Jackson then devoted his life and career to healing the world and helping countries all over the world.

Joe Jackson Has Been Released From The Hospital

Late July, news broke that Joe Jackson was admitted into a Brazilian hospital after suffering from a stroke. The head of the Jackson clan has since been discharged. Details down bottom.

Joe Jackson Reportedly Suffered From A Stroke After His Birthday Party

UPDATE: 7/27/2015 12:50 p.m. Following a fatal stroke, Joe Jackson entered the hospital where the trauma did not stop. An artery bursting behind his eye is what triggered his initial stroke, however, while in the Sao Paulo hospital, he suffered three additional strokes. Jackson who was in Brazil celebrating his 87th birthday lost his vision. According to his publicist, his heart stopped beating for ten seconds. Doctors were able to revive him, put him on a pacemaker that they are now hoping will stabilizes him. More details as they arrive. JaaiR: Instagram|Twitter ORIGINAL: 7/26/2015 11:19 p.m. Joe Jackson has reportedly suffered from a stroke. Read more below…

(Photo) Janet Jackson Tribute & Speach From The Queen Herself

After all these years, not a thing has changed when it comes to Janet Jackson. The energy in the room was a pure example of the impact that Janet has left in the music Industry and on the world. Special guest to set off the Janet Jackson Tribute was the Dance diva Ciara. I couldn’t have thought of anyone better to emulate the evolution of Janet Jackson throughout the years

(Photos) Grown A** 31 Year Old Man Claiming To Be Love Child Of Which Iconic Pop Legend??

Umm so in just plain strange news, 31 year old unknown man, Brandon Howard comes forward randomly claiming to be the son of deceased Pop icon, Michael Jackson…and allegedly has the “receipts” to prove it. According to Splash news, Howard is set to go forward today to reveal DNA results to the public. Hmmm… before we write this guy off as being bat sh*t crazy, let’s examine the facts….

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