(Video) NBA: John Wall Slaps Jae Crowder During Scuffle After Celtics Win Over Wizards

Things got testy after the Boston Celtics 117-108 win over the Washington Wizards on Wednesday.  John Wall and Jae Crowder got physical and had to be separated.

(Video) NBA: John Wall Nearly Starts Fight After Sending Nuggets Jusuf Nurkic Flying

photo credit John Wall has been a very frustrated player this season and it’s easy to see why. The Wizards have completely underachieved this season and are one of the worst teams in the league, despite thinking of themselves as a contender in the eastern conference before the the season started. Wall let his emotions get the best of him a couple times already this season and vowed to be better but last night he drew a technical foul for shoving Jusuf Nurkic of the Nuggets after his emotions once again won out.

NBA: John Wall Claps Back At People Saying He Was Hating On Money James Harden & Bradley Beal Got

Yesterday reports were circulating that John Wall was not a happy guy. More specifically, the reports stated he wasn’t happy with the money his own teammate, Bradley Beal received this off season, as well as the money James Harden received from the Rockets and Adidas. It certainly sounded strange that even if a player really felt that way that he would tell people about it so it could eventually wind up in the public eye. I didn’t really believe it anyway but Wall himself responded to those reports and made it clear he isn’t watching anyone’s pockets but his own.

NBA: John Wall Says He & Bradley Beal Have a ‘Tendency to Dislike Each Other’

When there’s two stars are on the team, there’s often an issue whether internally or fueled by the media, about who is the top dog on the squad.  Some recent examples include Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose/Jimmy Butler, Dwight Howard/James Harden and more.  One thing they all have in common is they’re no longer teammates.  Now we appear to have an issue with John Wall and Bradley Beal.  Wall was always considered the star player of the team but Beal has stepped up at times and just signed a major five-year, $128 million max contract, of course significantly more than Wall is making.  The duo aren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye.

(Photos) NBA: John Wall Gave Rihanna a Jersey After Her Show in DC

Rihanna was at the Verizon Center on Tuesday night for the Washington D.C. stop for her Anti World tour.  Afterwards she spent some time with Washington Wizards star John Wall and he gave her a special present.

NBA: The League Won’t Let John Wall Bet His Assistant Coach Over Turnovers

Sometimes players need a little extra incentive to improve their game.  Washington Wizards guard John Wall made a deal with his assistant coach Howard Eisley that he would pay $100 for each game with more than 2 turnovers.  Unfortunately the league put a halt on that arrangement, Wall would’ve owed $2,600 if it stood.

NBA: John Wall Calls NBA All-Star Fan Voting a ‘Joke’ After Coming in 5th & Kyrie Irving 2nd

Many people have problems with the fans voting in the NBA All-Star starters as it’s more of a popularity contest rather than players who actually deserve the spot.  John Wall has become used to being snubbed (prior All Star games & USA mens teams) but after viewing the first returns for the 2016 NBA All-Star game and seeing he’s fifth amongst Eastern Conference backcourt players, Wall called it a joke.

(Video) NBA: John Wall & Bradley Beal Explain Why They’re the Best Backcourt in the NBA

Here we go again…  John Wall and Bradley Beal previously proclaimed that they’re the best backcourt in the NBA which immediately started a heated debate with many people saying it was the Splash Brothers, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.  Well Wall and Beal were asked who’s the best backcourt in the NBA right now and again they stood by their previous statement.

NBA: John Wall Will Pay Assistant Coach $100 For Every Game He Commits More Than 2 Turnovers

Former No. 1 draft pick and star of the Washington Wizards, John Wall has steadily been improving his game.  Remember when he was ridiculed for his jumper?  Well he’s worked on that and now there’s something else he wants to improve.

(Video) NBA: John Wall Says He Will Try to Persuade Kevin Durant to Join the Wizards When the Time is Right

This is a big year for Kevin Durant as he will become a free agent at the end of the season.  While he seems committed to the Oklahoma City Thunder, there’s a big KD2DC movement trying to bring the star “back home” to play with the Washington Wizards.  Right now John Wall is the star on that team and as the big man in charge, he’s expected to help lead the welcome wagon.  Here’s what he had to say.

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