(Video) NFL: Johnny Manziel in Trouble Again After Video of Him Drinking Four Loko & Rapping to Future

There’s very little Johnny Manziel can do in terms of fun without making major headlines; drinking and rapping in a house (on video) isn’t one of those things.  A video of the Cleveland Browns quarterback drinking Four Loko and rapping to Future got him in hot water again with the team and head coach Mike Pettine.

NFL: Josh McCown Out For the Season, Browns Still Aren’t Starting Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel was demoted to the third string quarterback after videos surfaced of him out partying amongst a string of other infractions.  It seemed like a brief punishment as the Cleveland Browns expressed their “disappointment” in Manziel but they’re really not letting him off easy this time.

(Video) NFL: Johnny Manziel Demoted to 3rd String QB After Video Released of Him Partying

Johnny Manziel has not only lost his starting job to Josh McCown, he’s been demoted all the way to the third string quarterback behind Austin Davis.  The move came after videos surfaced of Manziel partying in Texas last weekend during the Cleveland Browns bye week.

NFL: Cleveland Browns Want Johnny Manziel to Break Up With His Girlfriend

When someone is in recovery from substance abuse, the type of people around them are very important.  They need supportive people who don’t influence or entice them to go back to their old lives.  That is probably the fear the Cleveland Browns have about Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend Colleen Crowley.

NFL: Johnny Manziel Might Be Taking A Paid Leave Of Absence

Johnny Manziel may have thought that he was in the clear after a situation between Manziel and his girlfriend that resulted in the cops being called, was diffused. Now it is being reported that Manziel may have to take a paid leave of absence throughout the NFL’s investigation.

(Photo) NFL: Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend Admits They Were Drinking Earlier & He Hit Her a Couple Times

This is not good for Johnny Manziel who recently went to rehab for alcohol.  Manziel’s girlfriend Colleen Crowley told police the Cleveland Browns QB hit her a “couple times” during their domestic dispute last week and admits they had been drinking earlier in the day, this according to the police report.

NFL: Johnny Manziel & His Girlfriend Issue Statements Regarding Traffic Stop & Domestic Situation

Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley are trying to nip this story in the bud before sports sites and networks make it more than what it is. ESPN is already thirsting, replaying the story over and over this evening as if it was some continuous breaking news in their ongoing effort to be more tabloid than sports network.

NFL: Johnny Manziel Got Into A Domestic Dispute While Driving & There Was Alcohol Involved

Johnny Manziel was reportedly pulled over by police earlier this week after receiving calls of a car driving reckless on the shoulder of the highway. Once police stopped him, they realized they stumbled upon a domestic situation and some alcohol was involved.

Johnny Manziel Will Start Against The Titans Following Season Opener Flop

Johnny “Football” Manziel caused a lot of ruckus as a star football player who had his own idea of what “the rules” are. Manziel was in headlines for more social reason than athletic ones, and people began to question how serious he was taking his position as a leader on his college team. Now, Manziel is in the NFL and making headlines for being overrated.

(Video) NFL: Johnny Manziel Tells ESPN’s Merrill Hoge To Worry About His Neck Ties Instead Of Him!

ESPN has a knack of hiring former players who were average at best in their own careers but love to criticize the hell out of today’s players. Of course there are some exceptions but Merrill Hoge is not one of them. Hoge, who was a bum and mediocre at best in his playing days, loves tearing Johnny Manziel apart and being borderline disrespectful about it. Johnny Football took a shot at him and let him know he hears the nonsense but it really means nothing to him.

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