JoJo Simmons Retires From Rap To Start His Own Label

Rev Run’s son Jojo Simmons has retired from rap to move into the business side of hip-hop. Hit the jump for more.

JoJo Simmons Is Expecting A Baby Girl!

A congrats is in order because Jojo Simmons has a baby girl on the way! To bring in his 26th birthday the right way, he and his long-time girlfriend Tanice Amira announced their big news via Instagram with a few adorable posts dropping the huge baby bomb!

Rev Run Is Returning To TV! But…It’s Not What You Think!

Rev Run and his family will be returning to our TV screens in 2014…but it’s not via their MTV show, Run’s House! Instead, it will be an HGTV show, focusing on the renovation of their 9000 sq. ft. New Jersey estate. Not all of the same people live in the house anymore (as Vanessa and Angela have moved out West..and I’d hope that Jojo is out on his own by now…), but I’m sure they’ll be making appearances. Will you be tuning in?

Juelz Santana Speaks On JoJo Simmons Incident

Over the weekend, a rapper by the name of Hynief ran up on JoJo Simmons for some words he’d previously said about his CEO, Juelz Santana. JoJo has since spoken out about the incident, saying he doesn’t condone violence and doesn’t want anything to escalate, and now Juelz is sharing his side. As I suspected, he’s distancing himself as far from the situation as possible. I mean the obvious thing is, it wasn’t Juelz who ran up on JoJo and there’s no telling if he told his boy to do so, or he was just being a ride-or-die and saw an open window and went through it. Another thing here: Juelz isn’t dumb. He’s signed to Def Jam…a label JoJo’s uncle Russell has a LOT of pull at. He wants his album to see the light of day! Check out what he said about the incident while talking to Power 99 in Philly below.

After Catching Heat For His Video Interview, JoJo Simmons Speaks Out On Twitter

As we all know by now, Jojo Simmons was “ran up on” over the weekend by a member of Juelz Santana’s Skull Gang crew, Hynief. The next day, the Rev’s son spoke out on the situation in an interview while on set of a video shoot, but apparently he hadn’t planned that, and the outcome was a little more hood than he’d meant it to be. (Courtesy of his boys behind him, throwing up gang signs…smh.) Taking to Twitter, Jojo spoke out on the situation and attempted to clear it up, again. See what he said in the gallery.

(Video) Jojo Simmons Speaks Out About Incident

Over the weekend, Jojo Simmons got into a bit of an altercation with a member of Juelz Santana’s Skull Gang crew. The guy, Hynief, ran up on Jojo out in Queens, apparently trying to shake him up over the little “beef” Juelz and Jojo had a couple months back. Nothing came from the incident other than a meme that made its rounds on the web, but now Jojo is speaking out about what happened. Stop the violence!

(Photos) Juelz Santana Is Wondering If JoJo Simmons’s Diss Is A Ashton Kutcher Prank

Well well well…This is an unlikely beef in my eyes. Juelz Santana incorporated a tiny comparison in his song, Soft off of the new mixtape “God Will’n,” and that got lil JoJo a lil upset. JoJo decided to come out with “Holy Water” a diss track to Juelz. He was throwing some jabs too. However, Santana is wondering when are the cameras going to come out, because he’s feeling like this is all a joke. Drop down bottom and check out his response.

(Audio) WTF! JoJo Simmons Is Beefing With Juelz Santana For What ???

These people will find anything to beef over. Get your lives !!! Anyhow, we know Juelz has recently released his new mixtape, God Will’n, so if any of you have listened to track number 4 “Soft,” Juelz references his money in comparison to another (no one in particular). He uses, Russell Simmons and JoJo for the comparisons. JoJo was NOT feeling it. He has decided to retaliate with a track of his own named, “Holy Water“. From hearing this track he’s really trying to come for Santana. Drop down bottom and take a listen.

JoJo Simmons Speaks Out Against Tranny Allegations

Ooh this doesn’t feel good. We gotta do some research on these people before we’re making plans to meet with them and exchanging numbers after just a few DM’s! Yikes! Honestly I feel like the transgendered chick tricked him. What is definite, though, is that after a few direct messages on Twitter with this chick, they took it to texts. We DON’T know what “Julisa” was saying to JoJo, we see his reponses. Things like “yea i don’t judge..u seem cool too” and “i love head” are pretty crazy, but let’s not assume “Julisa” was saying she’s a tranny. After “Julisa” put out a video on Worldstar (where else!) today putting him on blast, Jojo responded via Twitter (where else!). See what he had to say below. Marisa Mendez

#IFWT Wishes Jojo Simmons (@YoungSimmons) a Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Jojo! We wish you many more! Marisa Mendez and IFWT

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