(Photos) NBA: You Can’t Be Serious! Jonathan Martin Thinks Lebron Should Of Toughed It Out

The nerve of this soft, cry baby clown! You guys remember Jonathan Martin right? The same sucker who cried to the media about Miami Dolphins teammates bullying him instead of handling it like a man. The same guy who made a circus out of a team and news story when he wasn’t man enough to handle it himself. The same guy who had to leave the team and is now a member of the 49ers! Yeah that same dude tweeted about Lebron last night when he left the game with cramps. He of all people had the nerve to tell Bron to drink a gatorade and tough it out. I am sorry, is that what you did Jonathan? Did you tough it out in your situation or cry like a girl about it? SMH! Hit the jump .

(Video) NFL: Report Finds Richie Incognito & Other Dolphins Players Guilty Of Harassment Of Teammates

Now we see why Richie Incognito went on a twitter rant earlier this week directed at Jonathan Martin. It wasn’t that long ago (literally last week) when Incognito showed his support for former teammate Jonathan Martin and had nothing but nice things to say about him and the situation. So it was shocking that out of nowhere a few days ago he decided to blast Martin on twitter. We wondered why would he randomly do that. Some people thought he must of gotten bad news from the independent investigation that was about to be completed, and boy were those assumptions correct. The report was released today and it blasts not only Incognito, but another teammate and the general manager as well. You can pretty much guarantee commissioner Goodell will be weighing in on the matter before the season starts and punishments will be expected. Hit the jump to see parts of the report.

NFL: Yikes, No More Silence! Richie Incognito Goes on Twitter Rant About Jonathan Martin!!

Welp, I guess he was tired of pretty much being silent on the situation.  Who knows what set Richie Incognito off, but he’s going OFF.  It starts with this tweet and you need to see the rest…

NFL (Report): Over 1,000 Texts Between Jonathan Martin & Richie Incognito Leak!

Yes, we are still talking about this Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito bullying mess.  The good news is that the investigation is about to conclude and hopefully everyone can move forward from it.  In the meantime, over 1,000 alleged texts between the two former teammates have surfaced.  While the texts talk a lot about women & p*ssy, they seem pretty normal (although I didn’t read each and everyone). Check’em out & let us know what you think…

(PHOTO) NFL: Dragged To Strip Club? This Picture of Jonathan Martin With Strippers Says Something Different!

Pictures will get you almost every time!  While pictures can be interpreted differently, this one (which is now in the hands of investigators) of Jonathan Martin enjoying the company of strippers is pretty convincing that he was NOT dragged for some adult entertainment.  You remember the whole Dolphins bullying mess right (you can catch up a bit HERE and HERE)?!  Was Jonathan Martin “dragged” to strip clubs by Richie Incognito?! Check it out…

(Photo) NCAA: College Gameday Sign Calling Jonathan Martin a ‘P*SSY’ Shown On Air

A big part of College Gameday is all the creative signs the football fans come up with.  They’re of course screened by ESPN before being allowed into the camera area but somehow this crazy sign made it through.

(Video) NFL: Report, Jonathan Martin Is Done With The Dolphins

I am not surprised by this at all. A source close to the Miami Dolphins and Jonathan Martin is saying that Martin is done with the Miami Dolphins. Personally, there is no way I could ever see him going back to that team and that locker room anyway. Regardless of what version of the story you believe, it is safe to say at this point he would not be a very welcomed person on the team. You can just tell there are levels to this story that we as outsiders will never really know, but it is clear a problem is there. Hit the jump for the video.

(Photo) NFL: Jonathan Martin Sent Text to Richie Incognito Saying He Isn’t to Blame

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer sat down for an interview with Richie Incognito to get his side of the story in the bullying situation between he and former teammate Jonathan Martin.  The voicemails and texts released by Martin, revealed that Incognito threatened him several times and used a racial slur.  Incognito maintains that’s the nature of their relationship and even revealed a text from his phone with Martin sending a threat as well.  Incognito also revealed another big addition to the case.

(Video) NFL: Richie Incognito Claims Jonathan Martin Threatened to Kill His Whole Family

Ah the plot twist… The biggest story in sports lately is the situation involving Miami Dolphins players Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.  According to Martin he is the victim of extreme bullying and verbal abuse that caused him to leave the team and seek mental help.  Martin has not returned to the team and Incognito has been suspended while the NFL investigates the situation.  Since then more and more pieces of the story have come forth and while many people look at Incognito as a bully, many people also believe it’s just regular sports hazing and Martin should’ve manned up.  Martin has produced texts and emails to verify his side of the story and now FOX Sports Jay Glazer held a one-on-one interview with Incognito to get his side.

NFL: Dolphins Player Threatened To “Run A Train” on Jonathan Martin’s Sister & More!

Wow, it just gets worse & worse. SMH.  This is just taking way too far — as if it wasn’t bad enough. No wonder why the Jonathan Martin left the team.  There’s a new report that it wasn’t just Richie Incognito — there were other players allegedly harassing Jonathan Martin as well.  Report after the jump…

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