(Video) Dude Shoots Man At Point-Blank Range To Rob Him Of His Jordans!

It’s just a pair of sneakers!!! I don’t get it, you wanna kill someone over that?

(Video) LOL!: The Truth About How People Who Work At Sneaker Stores Really Feel About Jordans

Jordans are a very popular sneaker and every time there is a new release potential buyers go crazy just to get their hands on the shoe. There have been reports in the past of people even dying when it comes to getting the shoe. I personally don’t quite understand the sneaker head hype about getting every single pair of Jordans ever made in multiple different colors over and over again but that’s just me. One guy who works at a sneaker store speaks out about how he truly feels about the sneaker and it’s pretty funny.

(Photos) NFL: Browns Andrew Hawkins Wants To Sells Off His Collection Of Yeezys, But Don’t Touch His Jordans

Andrew Hawkins is about to make some quick cash even though he doesn’t need it. The Browns receiver is putting his collection of Yeezys for sale, which in total is 11 pairs. He claims the value of the pairs is about $60,000 but in reality, sneakers are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them. One of the Yeezys is a custom job which I’m sure effects the value in his eyes. Funny thing is he refuses to sell any of his Jordan’s because to him they are priceless. Check out the gallery to see what kicks he is putting out there and check his Instagram. Somewhere, Kanye is furious.

(Video) NBA: Kid At Michael Jordan’s Summer Camp Hits MJ With “What Are Those”??

Some punk kid just tried to clown the GOAT at his own summer camp but in typical MJ fashion, he had a response. The kid stood up and asked MJ “What Are Those”? and in case you have no idea what that means, its a saying that started on social media when you want to clown someone about the kicks they are wearing. Now we all know Jordan is the king of the sneaker world so the kid should have never tried.

(Photos) NFL: Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Gives The Entire Offensive Line A New Pair Of Jordans

The Dallas Cowboys have done surprisingly well this season and has one of the most successful records in the league thus far. In an effort to show his appreciation to his teammates, Bryant gifted them with with the brand new Jordan 14S. Hit the jump for details.

NBA: LOL, Rip Hamilton Has A Super FUN Way of Giving Away Jordans — Would You Take The Challenge?!

Lol, this is so great!  Rip Hamilton is part of Jordan brand and with that comes perks of getting kicks early and getting extra kicks that he may not need or want.  So he’s come up with a fun challenge on how to give them away. My old friend (we did radio together in DC) and Rip’s boy “Antonio the Cuban Cigar Smoker” took “The Shoe Box Deal” challenge.  It’s where a person can only take what they can carry … if anything drops … you lose everything.  I have a feeling there’s A LOT of fans that want to take the challenge. Check out how it went down yesterday…

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