(Pics) MLB: Jose Canseco’s Baby Poses For Playboy No Imagination Needed

A few months ago, former MLB star, Jose Canseco said that he was going to meet his baby girl, Josie’s new rapper boyfriend Mike Stud with a gun in hand. Looks like he should have been paying attention to other things.

(Video) MLB: Jose Canseco Says He’s Going to Meet His Daughter’s Hip-Hop Star BF With a Gun in His Hand

Jose Canseco says he has a game plan for the first time he meets his daughter’s famous boyfriend Mike Stud, “I’m gonna answer the door with a gun in my hand and see how he reacts.”

(Video&Photos) MLB: Finger Jose Canseco Shot Off Is Making Miraculous Recovery

This is crazy! It wasn’t that long ago when Jose Canseco accidentally blew his finger off with a bullet and he was about to have the remaining part of it amputated. He decided not to and now his finger, while still looking crazy, is well on it’s way to being full grown again.

Sports: Jose Canseco’s Fiance Calls Police After He Allegedly Threatened To Kill Her, He Responds

Jose Canseco’s Fiance Calls Police After He Allegedly Threatened To Kill Her, Canseco’s fiance Leila Knight told police that the former MLB star made numerous threats to kill her after she dumped him. Hit the jump for details.

(Photos) MLB: Jose Canseco Says He Gonna Sell the Gun That Shot Off His Finger Along With the Finger Itself!

Jose Canseco went from really emotional to having weird fun with his shot off finger.  Canseco says the reattached finger fell off while he was at a poker tournament and now… he’s selling it?!

(Warning Graphic Photo) MLB: Jose Canseco Says His Reattached Finger Fell Off During Poker Tournament

Jose Canseco shot off his finger about a month ago when he was cleaning his gun.  A doctor reattached the finger but apparently he didn’t do a good job because it fell off while Canseco was at a poker tournament!

(Video) MLB: Jose Canseco Breaks Down in Tears Explaining the Accidental Shooting Almost Hit His Fiancee

Jose Canseco broke down in a TV interview over the gun accident that saw him accidentally blow off his own finger and almost shoot his fiancee.

(Photo Update) MLB: Jose Canseco Shooting – NO Foul Play – Just Dumb Luck!

Police have further investigated the shooting that went down in the Canseco household, confirming that it was IN FACT an accident. Following the investigation, he showed his cast off to the world from bed, saying “Got no sleep. Hope I can keep my finger but grateful it wasn’t something worse…” Hit the jump to see the photo update!

MLB: OMG…Former Outfielder Jose Canseco Accidentally Shoots Himself While Cleaning His Gun?!

Accidents happen right?! Well, that is the case of Jose Canseco tonight, who has shot himself in the finger WHILE cleaning his gun, never realizing the gun was loaded! It all went down in the Canseco household, where Jose’s fiancé heard the gunshots. To add fuel to fire, Jose Canseco will never have FULL use of his hand again! Wow, hit the jump for more on this crazy story…

MLB: Jose Canseco Now Regrets Writing Book ‘Juiced’ On Using PEDs in Baseball

Jose Canseco returned to the O.co Coliseum for the first time since his playing career ended in 2001 – and since publication of his 2005 book “Juiced” alleging widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs in major-league baseball.  Wearing a white Athletics jersey, Canseco admitted he was nervous seeing his old teammates and drumming up old memories and bad feelings brought up from his book.

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