IFWT Wishes Our Very Own @Julie1205 A Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Julie!! We wish you many more!! We love ya lots!! Biz Baby & The IFWT team!

Happy Birthday to #IFWT’s Own @Julie1205!!

BIG happy birthday shout to one of IFWT’s very own, Julie! Enjoy your day today, Julez! Hope it’s amazing!! Marisa Mendez and IFWT

BREAKING NEWS: Rick Ross Unconscious After Seizure, Medics Trying To Resuscitate!

TMZ is reporting that Rick Ross is unconscious and being resuscitated by paramedics. Read more details after the jump and we’ll have more as the story develops. @Julie1205

Can We Expect A Run-D.M.C. Reunion In The Near Future?! Rev Run And Funk Flex Exchange Tweets!!

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I would be if this really happened!! Earlier today Funk Flex tweeted to Rev Run of Run-D.M.C. and asked when we can expect a Run-D.M.C. reunion in NYC anytime soon. Since I rarely see Rev Run answer people’s tweets, I wasn’t expecting Flex to get a response, but he did and an awesome one at that! As you know legendary hip hop group Run-D.M.C. tragically lost their DJ after he was shot and killed back in October 2002. Following Jam Master Jay’s death, Run-D.M.C. turned down a performance at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. The last performances of the group as a whole was back in the summer 2002 right before Jam Master Jay was killed  when they opened for Aerosmith on The Girls of Summer Tour, which I was in the audience for. Could Flex make this historic reunion happen?! I personally think he can, but we’ll have to wait and see. Read the tweets between Rev Run and Funk Flex after the jump. @Julie1205

(Photo) Guess Which Hollywood Couple Is Selling This House?!

A celeb couple is selling their four bedroom, five bathroom crib for $3.395 million. The house is over 4,700 square feet and has a pool and awesome views of the LA skyline. Find out which couple it is after the jump. @Julie1205

Toddlers Left Alone In A Tent While Parents Sold Blood For Drugs

Two toddlers in Florida were found alone in a tent outside of their parent’s mobile home. The 3 and 4 year old girls were found dirty and hungry in the tent that the family had been living in while their mobile home was being repaired. The girl’s parents left the girls alone to go sell their blood to blood banks to get money to but Methadone. The parents, who are facing child neglect charges, claim they didn’t leave their toddlers alone because the family dog was there. Read more about the awful parents after the jump. @Julie1205

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