(Video) Young Dro’s Mixtape Dropping WHEN?!?!

It’s funny, as I stumbled upon this bit of information, I was listening to, “Kemosabe“. I’m really hoping that we get a visual for that, because I was missing me some Young Dro. Via the form of a video, the lover of designers has informed us on when we could expect a new mixtape from him. It’s right around the corner, and to get that date, you must hit the jump.

(Photo) Action Bronson Has Shorty BENT OVER For “Saaab Stories” [Cover Art]

June 11th is the date for the release of Action Bronson’s, “Saaab Stories“. This shall be entertaining, so I need to hear it. The Harry Fraud produced release will include the following tracks: 1. 72 Virgins feat. Big Body Bes 2. Triple Backflip 3. No Time 4. The Rockers feat. Wiz Khalifa 5. Strictly 4 My Jeeps 6. Alligator 7. Seven Series Triplets feat. Prodigy and Raekwon Drop down bottom and check out the cover art! Bust it open for Action Bronson!

(Photos) Ashanti’s “Braveheart” Drops WHEN ?!?!

Ashanti has stepped her game all the way up since her Murder Inc. days with Ja Rule. She’s looking good, newly single, and ready to drop another album. The R&B singer has decided to inform us all on when the “Braveheart” album will be coming out. Drop down bottom and check it out.

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