(Video) Damn! Mac Miller Flexin’ On EVERYBODY With The Vocals In, “Objects In The Mirror”

I didn’t know he was a singer too. June 18th was a BIG day in hip-hop seeing as some heavy hitters dropped albums on that particular day – Mac Miller being on of them with, “Watching Movies With The Sound Off.” In a music session with, The Internet, Mac performs, “Objects in the Mirror,” and sings his heart out for another installment of, The Space Migration Sessions. Hit the jump and watch that boy work.

Rick Rubin Speaks On ‘Yeezus’

In four more days, Kanye West will be releasing his much talked about album, Yeezus. As you may know, Yeezy enlisted producer Rick Rubin at pretty much the last minute to do some production and recording work on the album. The legendary producer is now the executive producer of the project. In a recent interview, Rubin opened up about why he jumped on the project, what Kanye is “driving for,” and more. Read more below.

(Photo) J. Cole ‘Born Sinner’ Tracklist

J. Cole is dropping his forthcoming album, Born Sinner, on June 18 and the tracklisting for the album might have already been released. If this is the tracklisting, one thing is missing: rap features as of yet. Cole has features on the album from TLC, Lauryn Hill, Frank Ocean, and more. There are also four bonus tracks that are “to be announced” so we’ll have to wait and see if they will have rap features. I’m hearing a lot of back and forth as to if this is the legit tracklisting or not, so it looks like we’re going to have to wait and see! Read the full list below or hit the gallery.

Kanye West Officially Announces New Album Name & Release Date!

Well well well… after Poor Mr. West just couldn’t catch a break these past few weeks, things are finally starting to look up. First there were rumors of him breaking up with Kim, then he bumps his head publicly on a sign just before he lashes out at paparazzi, he’s then accused of being gay, and lastly his Lambo gets crushed between a gate. Doesn’t sound like fun to me. However on the bright side, Yeezy finally OFFICIALLY announced the name and release date of his new album that we have all been waiting for. Hit the jump to find out!

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