Here’s Why Taylor Swift Wasn’t At The VMAs Last Night!

Taylor Swift was absent at the VMAs last night, but it’s not because she was scared of what Kanye West might say! Well, more than likely, anyway. TMZ reveals that Taylor had to go to Tennessee, as she was actually selected to serve jury duty, and this morning the selection process began. Now, she probably definitely could have still made it with a late night flight or even a private jet…but we’ll let her cook. The criminal case in Nashville involves charges of aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault. Taylor’s one of 30 potential jurors, but she hasn’t been selected just yet. Highly doubt she will either, but let’s see!

No Jury Duty For Madonna! Why? She’s Too Famous, Of Course!

Ah, the perks of fame. Unlike us regular folk (although I’ve yet to be called – knock on wood!) Madonna was sent home from jury duty because she was “too famous.” The superstar showed up earlier today at an NYC courthouse, but was excused 2 hours later. To top if off, she never even had to mingle with the rest of the people in the jury assembly room: she was allowed to hang out in the clerk’s office. A court official said Madonna was released because they had more than enough jurors to fill the needs of the courts…and then added that her presence would create a distraction in the jury selection process, which we all know was the only real reason! Must be nice!

Your Social Media Accounts Might Be Scanned Next Time You Have Jury Duty?!

Your personal social media accounts just become less personal by the day. But the Bar Association says this was a long time coming. Some lawyers insist on social media searches and have been following the practice for quite a while now. Check out what happened when a jury decided to tell his Facebook what was going on in the courtroom during a murder trial after the jump

NBA:(Video) Nobody Escapes This!…Not Even Lebron James

Being famous in this country gets you alot of things. It also gets you out of alot of things as well. One thing it seems nobody can escape, regardless of your social status is jury duty! Lebron James found that out himself this week, as he was forced to report for duty at the Summit county courthouse in downtown Akron, Ohio. He even did it with a smile. I am sure the court never actually planned to pick him for a trial, but nonetheless, he caused quite a stir by even showing up. He wound up being sent home a couple hours after reporting to the court, after wasting a few hours for no reason, just like we all have. Hit the jump for the video.

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