(Photo) Kansas State University Student Makes A Racial Remark On Snapchat..The School Responds

A Kansas State University student went to Snapchat to post a photo of her in black face and using the ‘N’ word. The school has since released a statement saying “there is no place for racism at our university.” The school stated that the girl was no longer a student there.

(Video) Teens Investigated After Facebook Post Shows What Looks Like Molestation Of An Unconscious Girl

Kansas City officials are investigating what appears to be a molestation of an unconscious girl after Facebook post was shared. The video showed one teen taking complete advantage of an intoxicated young woman while the other recorded. Reports indicate that the teens met at a pool hall on Saturday and then went to a hotel where the young girl was videotaped with no clothes on from the waist down. Residents are outraged and are calling for the arrests of the teens.

(Video) Why God?: Kansas City Man May Have Fed 7-Year-Old Son To Pigs After Beating Him To Death

Yes. You’re not seeing things, the title is real. Some twisted individual really may have done this to their own child. The father of eight was arrested earlier this week for abusing his wife and possibly feeding his 7-year-old son to pigs after he beat him to death, don’t believe it? Read more for yourself.

(Video)NFL: Oh No! Kansas City Chiefs Safety Eric Berry Diagnosed With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Eric Berry was diagnosed with the disease after experiencing chest pains during late November. Hit the jump for details.

MLB: And That’s ALL Folks – San Francisco Giants Clinch THIRD World Series Championship!

After an extremely close and tense series, the San Francisco Giants have managed to seal the deal against the Kansas City Royals with 1-Man Rotation. Madison Bumgarner held the team on his back, as the Giants clinched what is their THIRD championship win in a five-year span (St. Louis Cardinals- last team to do this, 70 YEARS AGO)! Hit the jump for photos and info on Game 7 and the series…

(Photos) NFL: Ain’t Trickin’ If You Got It! Desean Jackson’s WEEKLY Flights For Stripper

Well well well, it looks like Desean Jackson has a new girl, and she is a stripper from Arizona! Even better, she is apparently flown out to him EVERY week. The love connection between the Redskins’ star and stripper, who is even seen flickin’ it up with Momma Jackson and Desean’s boy after the game, has made it to social media…Hit the jump for photos!

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